Month: April 2015

Spring Cleaning Tips – Kitchen

The thought of doing spring cleaning of your house strikes terror in the hearts of a lot of people. After what was a long cold winter for a lot of us, staying indoors to clean the house is not that

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Cute Dog Ad

You might see a Facebook ad showing Snickers, my daughter’s irresistibly cute dog. Snickers uses this big-eyed stare to get whatever she wants. She is a Cavachon, a mix between a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a Bichon Frise. Snickers

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Home Cleaning Tips Video – Cleaning Solutions

You can learn about the chemistry behind some helpful cleaning tips, called cleaning hacks in this installment of the “Reactions” YouTube video series from the American Chemical Society. “Reactions” is a fascinating video series that explores the chemistry behind everyday

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Best Cleaning Products – Sponges and Scrub Daddy

Blogs and magazines that include articles about home care often provide lists of what they view as the best cleaning products. Here is the first part of a series on what I consider to be the best cleaning products for

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Earth Day – June 22

Happy Earth Day! Remember to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. Check with your local community to learn about their recycling program. Use the Scrigit Scraper to help clean and restore items rather than throwing them away. The edges of the scraper

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House Cleaning Quote

We will start the week with a quote. Share on Follow Scrigit on

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What is Your Worst Kitchen Cleaning Task?

I think many people will say the worst task is to clean the broiler pan. This is the pan with the slotted stainless steel top over an enamel drip tray that often comes with stoves. While broiling is considered a

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Kitchen Cleaning – Using the Scrigit Scraper for Cleaning Baking Dishes

In the kitchen, there are many uses for the Scrigit Scraper. The process of broiling and baking food creates many difficult cleaning tasks. When you are using Corningware and glass baking dishes, food bakes onto the surface of the dishes.

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