Month: May 2015

Best Way to Remove Adhesive Labels

Are you looking for the best way to remove adhesive labels, stickers and tape? The self-adhesive label and similar products are definitely convenient for the person putting them on surfaces, whether they are price stickers, product labels, prescription labels, or

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Cleaning Tomato Paste Cans the Easy Way

As mentioned in the prior post, you will constantly find new uses for the Scrigit Scraper cleaning tool if you keep one handy in the kitchen. Cleaning out tomato paste cans for recycling is always a problem. The thick paste

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Scrigit Cleans Muffin Tins

In a Facebook post, Rachel Herrmann said, “I found yet another new use for scrigit! Scrigit Scraper worked great for getting into the little grooves on my muffin tin. My muffin tin was even one of those nonstick pans and

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Hardware Store in Maryland Carries Scrigit

Another hardware store located in Maryland is now carrying Scrigit Scrapers. Zimmermans Ace Home Center is located in Burtonsville, Maryland at 3801 Sandy Spring Road. The store is a distinctive landmark at the intersection of Sandy Spring Road (Route 198)

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Scrigit Scraper Gift Ideas Using Stickers

One of our customers was thinking about gift ideas and decided on customized Scrigit Scrapers. A package of Scrigit Scrapers makes a great gift because it has so many uses for cleaning, crafts, DIY projects, automobile and motorcycle detailing, and

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Peel Oranges with Scrigit Scraper

People are constantly finding new uses for the Scrigit Scraper cleaning tool. Some of the uses are very creative. As you can see in the photo, the flat-edged top of the Scrigit Scraper can be used to easily peel oranges,

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Scrigit Scraper at Retail Stores

As mentioned in the Sun News article, Scrigit Scrapers are available from several retail stores in the eastern suburbs of Cleveland, Ohio. These stores are Dunn Hardware in Richmond Heights, Kredo Hardware in Pepper Pike, and Shaker Heights Hardware. In

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Scrigit Scraper Cleaning Tool in the News

A great news article about the Scrigit Scraper cleaning tool was written for Sun News and published on, Ohio’s premier news site that features articles from Cleveland’s daily newspaper, The Plain Dealer, and Sun News, which publishes weekly newspapers

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