Month: June 2015

Christopher’s Hardware Selected as Retailer of the Year

At an awards ceremony last week, the Montgomery County, Maryland, Department of Economic Development announced that Christopher’s Hardware was selected as Small Business Retailer of the Year. Located in Sandy Spring, Maryland, Christopher’s Hardware is family owned and operated. Owners

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Bathroom Cleaning Tips, Part 2

Here is the second installment of bathroom cleaning tips showing how the non-scratch Scrigit Scraper can make cleaning the bathroom easier. If you use bar soap, I am sure that you find that a layer of dried soap builds up

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History of Scrapers

One of the early steps in the development of the Scrigit Scraper was to search databases to see if anybody already invented a similar product. In addition to searching the Internet, I spent a lot of time searching the United

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Summer Cleaning Tips

House Beautiful published the following article about summer house cleaning tips. The 7 Cleaning Tips That Will Change Your Summer By Caylin Harris Take the stress out of this season’s cleaning challenges using these shortcuts. Read More (Click the arrows

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Best Cleaning Products – Dishwands

For my continuing series about best cleaning products, we are back in the kitchen with the dishwand. Cleaning dishes, beverage glasses, pots, utensils, and pans must be the most frequent cleaning activity in a typical household. Even if you have

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Father’s Day Gift Idea Dunn Hardware Ad

Looking for a Father’s Day gift idea? If your father or husband likes handy gadgets for working on DIY projects around the house, get him a package of Scrigit Scrapers. The scraper tool has hundreds of uses for all types

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More Hardware Stores Selling Scrigit Scrapers

Three more hardware stores in Maryland now carry the Scrigit Scraper 2-packs. Strosniders Hardware Stores started carrying the Scrigit Scraper this week. They have locations in Bethesda, Potomac and Silver Spring. Strosniders is a family owned an operated business that

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Easy Tips for Keeping House Clean with Kids

Here is a post and photo from the Mommy’s Bundle blog. The post provides three easy tips for keeping your house clean whether  or not you have small kids. An important tip is to use storage bins. They really consolidate

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Best Cleaning Products – Steel Wool Soap Pads

One of the best and often overlooked cleaning products is the steel wool soap pad. When two of my other favorite cleaning tools mentioned in a prior post (the blue scrubber sponge and the Scrub Daddy) are not up to

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Tips for Removing Permanent Marker

This graphic provides a convenient list of cleaning tips for removing permanent marker. The graphic is from the Facebook page. I have not tested these cleaning tips, but they seem reasonable. Keep in mind that most hand sanitizers contain

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