Month: August 2015

Stores in FL, MD & VA Now Carry Scrigit Scrapers

Three more locally owned and operated hardware stores now carry 2-packs of the Scrigit Scraper cleaning tool. Hall’s Hardware & Lumber in Milton, Florida is the first store in Florida to carry Scrigit Scrapers. Located in Santa Rosa County in

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Largest Independent Hardware Store Carries Scrigit Scrapers

You get the idea that Hartville Hardware is a lot more than just a hardware store when you see on the area tourism site that group tours can be arranged. The business is a mega hardware and home center store

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Microwave Oven Safety Tips

As explained in the following post, we are so used to using microwave ovens that we forget the dangers they could pose. They can overheat and burn foods if left on too long. Any bits of metal, even decorative edges

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Back to School with Scrigit Scraper

Getting the kids ready to go back to school is always a challenge. All those things they brought home from school at the end of the last school year that you were going to go through during the summer still

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Easy Cleaning Jobs for Kids

The following post from provides some clever ideas on how to get your kids involved in cleaning your house. While the article implies that having multiple kids would help to divide up the tasks,  even if you have only

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Scrigit Scrapers – How They are Made

And the Mystery of the Hole People often ask me how I went from the idea in my head for a Scrigit Scraper cleaning tool to a finished product and why there is a hole in the back. In a

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Repairing Outdoor Chairs

Here is a good summertime DIY project. Rather than throwing away your broken outdoor chairs, you might be able to repair them. Re-String Your Lawn Chairs This article by Blog With Mom talks about repairing chairs with fabric held on

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