Month: September 2015

Replacement Windows Hints

As winter approaches bringing very cold temperatures to large parts of the U.S., you should consider replacing old drafty windows. Replacing the old windows in our house was one of the best household investments we ever made. The windows in

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Scrigit Helpful Hints – Refrigerators

Our aging refrigerator occasionally develops ice inside the mechanism that controls the amount of cold air from the freezer that goes through the refrigerator section to maintain the correct temperature in each one. Instead of manual controls used in most

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Scrigit Scraper Reaches Tight Spaces

A Scrigit Scraper cleaning tool is often the best means of reaching into tight spaces, crevices, corners and grooves. Whether you are in the kitchen, workshop, bathroom or outside cleaning your car, there are often times when whatever you are

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Best Way to Remove Labels, Stickers & Tape

Adhesive labels, stickers and tape are always difficult to remove, but Scrigit Scrapers are up to the challenge. There are stubbornly attached price labels on many products, except those that have tags held on by those annoying plastic threads that

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CDC Warns of Dangers from Grill-Cleaning Brushes

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) issued warnings about the dangers of ingesting broken pieces of metal bristles from wire grill cleaning brushes. As you prepare your outdoor grill for the last few barbecues of the season using

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Scrigit Handy Household Hints – GFI

Ground Fault Interrupter Safety A Ground Fault Interrupter (GFI) is an electrical safety device designed to protect people from electrical shock, so proper maintenance is important. These special outlets have been regularly included in houses built or remodeled since the

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