Best Way to Remove Adhesive Stickers, Labels, Tape

Scrigit - remove adhesive sticker

Use Handy Scraper Tools to Remove Adhesive Stickers, Labels and Tape

Adhesive stickers, labels and tape are always difficult to remove, but Scrigit Scrapers are up to the challenge. There are stubbornly attached price labels on many products, except those that have tags held on by those annoying plastic threads that can only be cut with scissors, but that is a topic for another day. Then there are adhesive product information labels stuck to many products. Of course, there are also stickers added to various surfaces by your kids. They might have put stickers on your wooden floors, on their bedroom doors, or on their laptops. There is also adhesive tape put on a household surface but is no longer needed.  Scrigit - remove adhesive sticker

Wide Blade Scrigit Scraper Tip

The best way to remove adhesive stickers, labels and tape is to start with a Scrigit Scraper. There are now two versions of this handy cleaning tool. The new green Wide Blade Scrigit Scraper has a 1-inch wide flat blade that is very good at getting under the edges of adhesive stickers. The thin flat blade usually lifts up a sticker without tearing it.

Rounded Wedge Tip
Scraping label off glass

Scrape off price stickers

Otherwise, the rounded wedge-shaped tip on either the blue or green Scrigit Scraper usually works the best for starting the removal process. The thin edge of the rounded tip can get under a small section of the label to help lift it up. If the adhesive is not too sticky, the whole label might come off quickly with the rounded tip sliding under it.

For stickier adhesive, slide the rounded tip a small distance under one edge near a corner and then draw the scraper along the edge so a small band of the edge lifts off the surface. Repeat this process so a wider band of the edge is lifted off during each pass. This method is usually better at keeping the label in one piece than just pushing the scraper into the label. Once enough of the label is lifted up, you might be able to grab it between your finger and thumb to lift off the whole label. If the label starts coming off in pieces, you could switch to the flat-edged tip to scrape off all the pieces.

Stickier Labels

For very sticky labels, use a handheld hairdryer to heat the label and soften the adhesive. In some cases, bits of adhesive refuse to come off completely. Then you might need to use a solvent such mineral spirits/paint thinner (preferably the odorless version), rubbing alcohol, or Goo Gone. These solvents are safe to use with the Scrigit Scraper and on toilet tanks, but might damage some other surfaces. Test in an inconspicuous spot.

Customer Experience

toilet tankA satisfied customer sent me this photo showing how an information label on a toilet tank posed a removal challenge. The person who installed the toilet made an initial attempt to remove the label but only ended removing the top printed layer. The Scrigit customer used her Scrigit Scraper to remove the remaining paper and adhesive. This label came off cleanly using only a Scrigit Scraper. In some cases, bits of adhesive refuse to come off completely. Then you might need to use a solvent as mentioned above.Scraping label off plate

Give Scrigit a Try!

The best way to find out how handy the Scrigit Scraper is for removing adhesive stickers, labels, tape, and so much more is to try it yourself. Buy a package today!


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Better Homes & Gardens Picks Best Cleaning Tool

Scrigit Scraper Chosen as Best Cleaning Tool by Better Homes  & Gardens

Perfectly timed with the spring cleaning season, the editors and experts at Better Homes & Gardens tested the latest and greatest cleaning products. Based on this effort, the editors announced their top picks in the April issue of the magazine and on their website. The new Wide Blade Scrigit Scraper was announced as a Better Homes & Gardens CLEAN HOUSE AWARDS winner for being the best new utility cleaning tool.Better Homes winner wide Scrigit

Last fall, Better Homes & Gardens asked for nominations for all categories of household cleaning products. They were looking for new cleaning products that stood out for their quality, innovation, and ability to make the BH&G audience’s cleaning routines easier, more effective, and safer. The products had to be released between January 2020 and May 2021.

The new Wide Blade Scrigit Scraper matched their criteria perfectly. The tool was being prepared for a first quarter 2021 introduction. This new version of the original innovative Scrigit Scraper was designed to be a convenient tool for making small cleaning tasks safer and faster.

Original Scrigit Scraper

Scrigit-hand-round tipThe original blue pen-shaped Scrigit Scraper tool was designed to remove unwanted substances, such as dried food, candle wax, grime and adhesive stickers, from household surfaces, edges and grooves without damaging the surfaces being cleaned. One of the two scraper tips of the tool is a cylindrical wedge shape, which is a sturdier version of a fingernail. Using this tip for scraping saves your fingernails. The second tip is a 3/8″ wide flat edge scraper for reaching into narrow spaces and cleaning along edges. People frequently use similarly shaped metal screwdrivers for scraping.  However, metal blades often scratch the surfaces being cleaned.

New Wide Blade Scrigit Scraper

Now, a new version of the Scrigit Scraper is available. The new tool, made with a special green plastic material, has a 3 times wider flat scraping blade to speed up cleaning flat surfaces and removing adhesive stickers and labels. The two pointed tips on the flat blade clean grooves, edges and tight corners better than a wooden toothpick. The second scraping tip features the same sturdy fingernail shaped cylindrical wedge shape. This new member of the Scrigit family comes in a 3-pack. Wide Blade Scrigit 3-pack

Scrigit Scrapers are available online and at many locally owned housewares and hardware stores and gift shops. Ask for them at your local store.

Better Homes & Gardens features home-improvement and family-oriented topics such as gardening, family health, parenting, food, do-it-yourself projects, and home/family entertainment ideas. The print version is the third largest magazine in the U.S. with a circulation of 7.6 million copies and over 30 million readers. See all the winners of the BH&G CLEAN HOUSE AWARDS.

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6 Cleaning Mistakes You Should Avoid

tools to avoid cleaning mistakes

Don’t Make These Cleaning Mistakes in Your Home!

You are probably spending most of your time at home during the pandemic. As a result, you are probably cleaning more often. Not only do you have more time to clean, but your house gets dirtier faster with everybody at home much more than usual. (You probably also noticed that you go through a lot more toilet paper, but that is off topic.) Avoid these six cleaning mistakes by using the items shown on the pillow and to avoid cleaning mistakes


Dusting surfaces with a dry rag or a feather duster just moves the dust around. Some surfaces will look better, but most of the dust just flies around in the air and lands elsewhere. In addition, many dark surfaces will just end up streaked with dust.

It is best to use a duster that is designed to hold the dust. Swifter makes a duster that consists of a short plastic handle with a removable frilly dusting bonnet. This dusting bonnet traps the dust and can be tossed when it starts leaving dust behind. The plastic handle makes it easy to quickly reach surfaces and clean between objects. There is also a version with a long handle for reaching high surfaces, such as ceiling fans, and low surfaces, such as baseboards.

Another choice for dusting is a Guardsman Dusting Cloth. This cotton cloth is treated so that dust sticks to it. As a result,  the cloth captures the dust while leaving no residue. In addition, the cloth can be washed and reused.


Many articles suggest using newspaper, along with a spray cleaner, to clean window and other glass surfaces. This definitely belongs on a list of cleaning mistakes. The ink from the newspaper gets all over the glass and leaves a big mess. The original tip long ago must have been to use newsprint. This is an unprinted version of the paper used to print newspapers. The advantage of unprinted newsprint is that it does not leave lint behind. However it still does not work very well. Microfiber cloths sold for glass and household cleaning are a much better choice.

Also, don’t clean windows in direct sunlight. The sun will cause the cleaner to dry too quickly and leave streaks.


In addition to washing your pillow cases, the pillow itself should be washed every three to six months. Dust, dust mites, body oils, and bacteria from your saliva get into your pillow. Check the label on your pillow for washing instructions.

Stainless Steel Appliances

While stainless steel appliances look nice, they are difficult to keep clean. When cleaning them, use a spray cleaner meant for stainless steel and a soft cloth. Contrary to the source article, you might need to wipe in circular motions to get the smudges and water tracks off. However, finish wiping in the direction of the grain in the stainless steel. As a result, you will be less likely to see streaks as the cleaner dries.

Switches and Remotes

While vacuuming, dusting, mopping, and cleaning the big stuff around your house, remember to clean the wall switches and remote controls. It is also a good idea to clean the keys on your computer keyboard and the mouse. These items all can harbor a major amount of bacteria. Use a disinfectant wipe or a clean cloth sprayed with a disinfectant spray or dampened with isopropyl rubbing alcohol.

Don’t Damage Your Fingernails

Scrigit-hand-round tipAs you are cleaning around the house and avoiding the cleaning mistakes described above, be careful not to damage your fingernails or cut your fingers. If you come across dried blobs of food, drips of candle wax, or grime along edges and in corners, don’t use your fingernails. Grab a Scrigit Scraper cleaning tool to quickly remove these unwanted substances without damaging your fingernails or scratching the surfaces being cleaned. Use soapy water or a household spray cleaner first on substances that don’t come off easily.

Here is a link to the source article, though that post was based on a article written for Readers Digest.

Disclosure: Please note that this article contains affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, we will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase from the affiliate link. Any opinions or recommendations are solely our own, honest opinions and are not influenced in anyway by the affiliate program.

Amazon Affiliate Disclosure: As an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases.
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Mommy’s Block Party Blog Chooses Scrigit Scraper for Stocking Stuffer

Scrigit Scraper m in stocking

Bloggers at Mommy’s Block Party Say Scrigit Scraper is a Must Have Stocking Stuffer

Mommy's Block Party chooses Scrigit Scraper for Stocking StufferThe moms at Mommy’s Block Party chose the Scrigit Scraper cleaning and crafting tool as a “must have” holiday stocking stuffer. “Whether it’s in the kitchen, remnants of a gathering, or craft projects, gunk builds up over time in small hard-to-reach places. A proper device, and not a knife or fingernail, is often needed to get at the built-up grime. . . The Scrigit Scraper tool would make Thanksgiving and Christmas clean-up so much easier!”

Household Cleaning

As stated in the review, “This holiday season, save frustration, energy, and even time with the Scrigit Scraper.” The tool has a flat scraper edge on one end and a rounded wedge shaped tip that resembles a fingernail (but sturdier) on the other end. As a result, the tool has a wide range of cleaning uses in the kitchen and throughout the house.

Sticker Remover

Of course, the tool is also handy for removing adhesive stickers, labels and tape. “Everyone know the pain of trying to peel price tags off gifts before last-minute wrapping. save your manicure by using the Scrigit Scraper. . . to remove that sticky label. If careful, it could be even used to help gift-wrap your item by getting at that unwanted tape or making the corner just so.”


Mommy's Block Party Scrigit for crafting“Holiday crafting will be much easier with the Scrigit Scraper! The tool’s double sides [tips] will not only help remove unwanted glue, but also help shape and place materials so that your project looks professional. Scrigit Scrapers could even help build those gingerbread homes.”

Throughout the Year

After the holidays, Scrigit Scrapers can be used to clean up the house. Then for spring cleaning and throughout the year, the versatile tool will help you with a wide variety of cleaning and craft projects.

See the whole review here. Check out the blog’s Stocking Stuffer Gift Guide at this link.

The moms at Mommy’s Block Party are also educators, business owners, travelers, storytellers, and of course, writers. They “take pride in connecting [their] readers with awesome brands and memorable experiences.” While a fee was paid to be included in their blog and gift guide,  they only accept products they like. Their opinions are their own.

Thank you Mommy’s Block Party for the great review.

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Home Improvement Tools and Gadgets 2020

home improvement tools and gadgets wall

Roundup of Home Improvement Tools and Gadgets for 2020

Pen-shaped Non-scratch Scrigit Scraper Featured in Roundup

home improvement tools and gadgets wallThe pandemic caused the National Hardware Show and other similar shows to be cancelled this year. The usual events that showcase the wide range of new and useful home improvement tools and gadgets did not take place. Usually, people in the media would attend these events and report about what they saw to business owners, buyers, trades people, and consumers who love to work on DIY home projects.

HIR  tool expo magazine coverAs an alternative, the editors of the excellent Home Improvement and Repair magazine put together their own expo in their Tool & Gadget Issue. As Editor-in-Chief Matt Weber stated, “We understand. You’re not the only ones who peruse the aisles of the home center for new items that you might not need right now–but that you might need one day. For folks like us, a roundup of new and upcoming tools is like a toy catalog for kids. We love to put them together.”

An exciting mix of small and large items are featured in the expo. These products solve a wide range of construction and maintenance problems. The first photo above shows a mix of tools hanging from the Proslat PVC Slatwall System. This versatile garage storage solution can be installed by the homeowner and features a large assortment of Slatwall-mounted hooks, racks and cabinets.

The AirSHIM Pro XL is a clever and very durable inflatable air wedge. The device enables an individual worker to move, adjust and level objects up to 500 pounds with accuracy. See the photo in the lower right corner of the magazine cover above.

Mini Dragon weed killing torchA product called the Mini Dragon is like a hand-held miniature dragon spewing fire. Cleverly, Flame Engineering’s newest product uses a hand-held propane tank with a long extension tube. A propane torch is attached to the end closest to the ground. The intense heat from the flame quickly kills weeds without the use of chemicals and has many other uses.

Scrigit Scraper in HIR tool expoFor a variety of small cleaning tasks and removing adhesive stickers and tape, the HIR Expo features the pen-shaped non-scratch Scrigit Scraper. The tool can be used for a wide-range of cleaning, craft and DIY home maintenance projects. “There are always small cleaning tasks around your house. You might need to remove accumulated dirt and grime from a corner, groove, wall edge, faucet base, or window track. You might need to remove splatters of latex paint, pieces painters tape or adhesive product labels.” The compact size of the tool, with two differently shaped scraping tips, make it practical to keep the tool handy in many different locations from pocket to toolbox to vehicle.

The HIR Expo pages are loaded with clamps, jigs, bits, blades, sprayers, fasteners, and many more wondrous tools and gadgets. If you enjoy wandering down hardware store aisles looking for innovative home improvement tools and gadgets, then check out the digital issue of the HIR Tool & Gadget Expo.

Also check out the Home Improvement and Repair website for more information and digital issues.

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Fall Winter Home Maintenance Helpful Tips

Fall Winter home maintenance tips

Scrigit Scraper’s Guide to Fall Winter Home Maintenance

Cooler weather is here, and there’s much to do to get ready for the winter! Prevent the hassles of bursting pipes, high energy bills and more by opting for a thorough winterization. Follow these fall winter home maintenance tips for prepping your house for the cooler weather.Fall Winter home maintenance tips

Prep Your Outdoor Space

  1. This task tops our list because it’s the easiest to forget. Prevent rust and premature wear & tear by conditioning your outdoor furniture for the cold. Clean the pieces with a mixture of warm water and car wash soap to cut through the tough dirt and grime of the elements. Scrub the furniture with a soft brush; rinse with water and let air-dry.
  2. For furniture with signs of rusting, rub the area with a steel wool soap pad, such as S.O.S or Brillo, and don’t rinse to stop it in its tracks. The soap has rust inhibitors. Once the furniture is completely dry, cover it securely.
  3. Prevent bursting pipes during a freeze by draining the water from your outdoor faucets and garden hoses. If possible, keep your garden hoses stored inside!

Prep Your Indoor Space

  1. For fall winter home maintenance, sealing gaps in windows and doors with weather stripping and caulking is one of the most cost effective ways to cut down on energy waste in the winter months. Improperly sealed homes can waste up to 15% of your heating dollars! Keep drafts to a minimum by installing storm windows and doors, including in the basement.
  2. Grab your Scrigit™ Scraper to remove worn weather stripping and dried out caulk from around the doors and windows. After replacing the stripping, caulk any gaps. Pro Tip: Keep your Scrigit™ Scraper on-hand to easily remove remaining caulk residue!hand holding Scrigit Scraper
  3. Close the damper on your fireplace when not in use, otherwise it will function as a large open window and create a draft. This effective energy-saving tip costs you nothing! Make it even cozier indoors by reversing the switch on your ceiling fans so they blow upward, toward the ceiling. By reversing the fan’s direction, the blades move air upward and force heat that naturally rises back down into the room.
  4. Put new batteries in your smoke alarms and Carbon Monoxide (CO) detectors. Check the dates on the bottoms of these units. Replace any that are over 10 years old or don’t have a date. This includes both battery operated and hardwired units. They lose their effectiveness after 10 years even if the test button causes them to beep. Learn More.

Stock Up on Winter Essentials

The snow and ice will be here before you know it, and you don’t want to wait until the first storm of the year to identify all of the supplies you need to handle mother nature. Prep before the season’s initial flakes come down by grabbing these basic essentials:

  • Shovel with an ice blade (And remember snow brushes and ice scrapers for your cars.)
  • Heavy duty gloves and apparel
  • Scrigit™ Scrapers
  • Salt and/or Sand for icy spots
  • Flashlights
  • Battery powered radio
  • Batteries
  • Matches

Trust us, you’ll be relieved you have these items when the first 6-inches hit! A cozy, comfortable winter is made easy with a bit of prep work and smart planning as described in these fall winter home maintenance tips.

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6 Overlooked Home Cleaning Tasks

Often Overlooked Home Cleaning Tasks for This Spring and Throughout the Year

Springtime is usually when people get motivated to clean, organize, and freshen up their house. Maybe it is because nature appears to be freshening up the outdoors with bright green new growth and flowering trees and plants. With so many people staying at home now because of the coronvirus restrictions, this is a good time for traditional spring cleaning and these six often overlooked home cleaning tasks mentioned in a recent article written by Elizabeth Mayhew. She is a “Today” show style expert and former magazine editor.overlooked home cleaning tasks - dish rack


Dish Rack: Although you put clean items on your dish rack to dry, the dampness combines with household dust, minerals in the water, and small amounts of soap to become a breeding ground for germs and mold. On a regular basis, you should separate the parts (rack, utensil, tray) and thoroughly wash each one using dish soap and hot water. Use a toothbrush (dedicated for household cleaning) or a scrub brush dipped in distilled white vinegar to help remove mineral deposits and mold/mildew. A pen-shaped non-scratch Scrigit Scraper cleaning tool is very helpful for scraping off mineral deposits from the tray and reaching the bottom of the utensil holder to remove the mineral and mold deposits there.

Sink: The sides of the sink develop a coating of soap, minerals from the water, grease, and a variety of other things that are rinsed off in the sink, including bacteria. Clean your sink with dish soap and water. Use a plastic scrubbing pad or the scrubber side of a kitchen sponge. Then rinse off all the surfaces. Mayhew suggests disinfecting the sink by first spraying on a mist of white vinegar followed by a mist of hydrogen peroxide. Do not mix the two liquid together. Spray each one separately.

Can Opener: Food from the can being opened often gets on the can opener. This applied to manual and electric openers. Wipe down the can opener after each use. Clean more thoroughly on a regular basis. Clean the surfaces of the whole device with dish soap and water. If the cutting mechanism on an electric opener is removable, clean it in the dishwasher. Otherwise, clean the cutting parts thoroughly. A Scrigit Scraper helps get into tight spaces and remove spots of dried food.

Trash and Recycling Cans: Any trash and recycling cans you keep in the kitchen should be cleaned on a monthly basis. Any lids should be cleaned more frequently. Use paper towels dipped in hot soapy water to clean both the interior and exterior of the can. If you can get them, household sanitizing wipes are also good for this task. A bleach solution of 4 teaspoons of household bleach mixed in one quart of water also could be used. Wear rubber gloves and don’t get the bleach solution on any fabric. Let each can dry thoroughly before putting in a plastic bag.


Toothbrush Holder: There are a couple more often overlooked home cleaning tasks in the bathroom. One of them is the toothbrush holder. Rinse the holder in hot water. Then use a paper towel wet with antibacterial mouthwash to clean off the surfaces and the inside of the toothbrush slots. If the holder has an enclosed cup, fill it with mouthwash. Let it sit for a few minutes. Then rinse and let the holder dry before putting in the toothbrushes.toothbrush holder

Shower Curtain Liner: Soap scum and and sometimes mold build up on shower curtain liners, specially near the bottom. Clean the liner by removing it from the rings and putting it in your washing machine. Add a half-cup of baking soda and a couple of towels. Run it through a normal cycle with warm water. The towels and baking soda work together to scrub the soap scum off of the liner. Hang up the liner to let it dry. If you don’t think your plastic liner would survive your washing machine, specially if it is a center-agitator model, lay the liner out on a clean old bed sheet on the floor. Use a towel wet with a solution of a half-cup baking soda in a gallon of water to scrub down the liner. Wear rubber gloves. Use a second towel to dry off the surfaces.

Remember to do these six often overlooked home cleaning tasks throughout the year. If you want to see the original article written by Elizabeth Mayhew that inspired this article, click here.

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Vendor Spotlight Features Scrigit for Scraping Away Messes

FGmarket Selected the Scrigit Scraper Cleaning Tool for Their Vendor Spotlight

vendor spotlight - bathroom provides an online trade show to help retailers find good products to to carry in their stores. Each week, they focus on a different vendor that they feel would be of interest to their retailers. For the first Vendor Spotlight of 2020, they chose to feature the handy and versatile Scrigit Scraper because it has a multitude of uses as a cleaning and craft tool and also makes a nice gift item. The tool would be a great addition to the product mix sold by a wide range of retailers.

Here is what the article had to say about my invention.

Vendor Spotlight logoForget about using your fingers to scrape off unwanted substances when cleaning the house. The Scrigit Scraper is here to help you save time and effort while getting rid of adhesives, glues and even grease!

Jay Feinberg crafted the Scrigit Scraper to solve his problem of quickly cleaning small spots of unwanted dirt and grime.

“I do most of the kitchen and bathroom cleaning, and a lot of household repair projects,” Feinberg said. “I invented the tool because I found that there was no good small scraper tool that can quickly clean off small spots of unwanted substances, such as dried food, candle wax, dirt and latex paint splatters.”

Even better, the scraper can get into hard to reach spaces such as corners, edges and shower door tracks!

Scraping label off glass

Scrape off price stickers

Feinberg said that people commonly use their fingernails to clean, but that can cause breakage. Some even use screwdrivers but that just scratches the surfaces that need to be cleaned. The Scrigit Scraper’s unique cylindrical shape makes it easy to hold and carry, and the rounded or flat edges fit perfectly into edges and grooves.

Scrigit Scraper is great during any time of year, and the perfect unique gift. The tool is extremely versatile and provides a quick, safe, and convenient way to get rid of messes. Keep it in the kitchen, bathroom, car, workshop, boat, pocket, or purse and never be left cleaning up with your hands again!

The Scrigit Scraper is made of a durable plastic called Eastman Tritan, which is similar in hardness to a fingernail. This makes it safe to use on most household or automotive surfaces. The plastic is softer than acrylic plastic, meaning the Scrigit Scraper can clean Plexiglass windows or other acrylic plastic surfaces. It can be easily cleaned with just soap and water and can also be used with common household cleaners, even those with ammonia. It is resistant to paint thinner, Goo Gone, gasoline, and acids, making it flexible for any cleaning situation.Scrigit Scraper packages

Use the Scrigit Scraper for any and all cleaning needs around the house and never break fingernails or cause scratches again. And check back soon for a new product; the Scrigit Scraper team has a new introduction early this year! For the original Vendor Spotlight article, click here.


Founded in 2003, FGmarket emerged as an online trade show for wholesalers and suppliers across the country. The idea was to give those who independently own retail stores and unique boutiques a way to connect with suppliers and wholesalers that meet their needs.  An average of 20,000 visitors search through FGmarket’s community of wholesalers per day to find everything they need for their business.

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Handy Gadget for Holiday Crafts and Stocking Stuffers

Use Scrigit Scrapers for Holiday Crafts and Stocking Stuffers People will Love

Are you making your own holiday crafts for your own house or to give as gifts? Are you looking for clever gadgets to use as stocking stuffers that people will find really useful?Scrigits for stocking stuffers

Craft Projects

If you enjoy creating your own holiday crafts, such as gingerbread houses, tree ornaments, candle holders and many more, the pen-shaped non-scratch Scrigit Scraper is a really handy tool. Actually, it is two tools in one.

One end has a unique rounded tip similar in shape to a fingernail. This can be used instead of your fingernail as a scratch-free scraper to remove adhesive stickers, labels and tape. It can also be used to scrape off small spots of dried food, latex paint, glue and various crafting materials without damaging your fingernails. This shape also makes nice U-shaped impressions in clay and other substances to simulate roof shingles, leaves on trees, fish scales, and many more.Shaping clay Christmas tree with Scrigit Scraper

The other tip of the tool has a flat edge that can be used for such things as removing excess wet glue or paint. It is also very good for cleaning along edges, grooves, and corners. Both tips are great for shaping clay and Play-Doh.


Stocking Stuffers

If you are looking for ideas for stocking stuffers, consider packages of Scrigit Scrapers. Both men and women would consider this handy tool a welcome gift because Scrigits have hundreds of uses. The pen-shaped tool provides a quick, safe and convenient way to clean up around the house and the interior and exterior of vehicles. Cooks can use the tool to clean up dried food on stove tops, counter tops and bakeware. People who like to tackle DIY projects around the house will find a wide range of uses for Scrigits. As described above, the pen-shaped Scrigit is also a versatile tool for arts and crafts projects.Gingerbread house with Scrigit Scraper

Scrigit Scrapers come in 2-packs and 5-packs that are just the right size to use for stocking stuffers and in gift baskets. Your friends and relatives will thank you for giving them something so useful.

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Fall Cleaning Guide for Busy Moms

Fall Cleaning Guide Provides Ideas and Tips for a Clean House

After a summer of outdoor activities with the kids running in and out of the house all of the time, it is time to freshen up the inside of your house for the upcoming holiday season. Blogger Jennifer, The Intentional Mom, has created a fall cleaning guide and even provides a printable checklist. As a mother of 9 children, as well as a blogger, author and writer, she had to become a master of cleaning and organizing. She must get a lot done in as little time as possible.fall cleaning guide supplies

In her recent blog about fall cleaning, she provides some easy fall cleaning ideas and tips that are perfect for busy moms (and dads). Here are some of Jennifer’s thoughts from her fall cleaning guide.

The Right Tools

Having the right tools and supplies makes the cleaning process faster and easier while achieving better results. One of these tools is the pen-shaped non-scratch Scrigit Scraper. Jennifer describes the Scrigit Scraper as “my favorite cleaning tool of all time.” The tool is great for removing adhesive stickers, labels and tape. It is also very effective for removing dried food, dirt and grime from counter tops, floors, edges, corners, and grooves. It can get into tight spaces that your fingers can’t reach while keeping your fingers from getting cut, preventing your fingernails from getting damaged, and eliminating that awful feeling of gunk stuck under your fingernails.

Note that Jennifer discovered the benefits of using Scrigit Scrapers on her own. Then she approached me – Jay, the inventor of the tool – about sponsoring some of her cleaning blog posts. All of the opinions she expresses in the article are her own.

dog on couchClean Your Upholstered Furniture

Having your doors and windows open during the summer allows a lot of dust to enter the house and settle on everything. Along with cleaning the floors, you should also clean your upholstered furniture. Start by removing all removable pillows and cushions (and any dogs and cats). Check underneath the cushions and particularly in the crevices along the sides and back for lost food, pens, coins, and other objects.  Use a vacuum cleaner with a hose and a crevice tool to thoroughly clean out all the crevices. Then use a wide-mouth upholstery tool on the hose to vacuum the flat  part of the base where the cushions normally rest, the back, the arms, and all the surfaces of the cushions. This surface vacuuming goes rather quickly since the vacuum cleaner is doing most of the work. Then put the couch back together.

Smoke Detectors

Carefully remove each smoke detector from its mounting bracket. Check the date of manufacture on the bottom. It the unit is more than 10 years old or does not have a date (which means it is over 10 years old) replace the smoke detector. They become unreliable after 10 years even if the test button causes it to beep. For units under 10 years old, carefully remove dust from the exterior and vent openings using a brush tool on the vacuum hose. Use a damp cloth and a Scrigit Scraper to clean off any dust and grime left on the surface and in the vent openings. Install a fresh battery and reattach the detector to its mounting bracket.

Scrigit cleaning slider tracksWindows

Fall is a good time to clean windows because you can open the windows without it being too hot or cold outside. Start by vacuuming loose dirt from the window tracks. Gather a supply of clean, soft absorbent rags or microfiber cloths. You can make your own window washing solution in a clean bucket using 1 to 2 teaspoons of liquid dishwashing soap or 2 to 3 tablespoons of vinegar or clear household ammonia in a gallon of warm water. You can also combine the liquid soap with either the vinegar or ammonia. You can also use commercial window cleaning sprays. For dirty outside windows, a wet a rag with the cleaning solution from the bucket works best because you can keep rinsing off the rag in the cleaning solution. Then use a dry rag to clean the window. On inside surfaces, use either the wet rag technique or spray on window cleaner then wipe with a dry rag. Use a Scrigit Scraper to clean off any spots that don’t easily come off with the window cleaner, such as bird droppings and latex paint splatters. Use a Scrigit Scraper to clean sliding window and door tracks along with a cleaning solution. You can use this method HERE.


By the fall, your refrigerator probably contains a lot of noticeably spoiled or outdated foods. Go through everything in the refrigerator to get rid of the old stuff and make room the food you will need to store for Thanksgiving and other holiday meals. Take out the drawers and shelves to wash then in the kitchen sink, if possible. Use a Scrigit Scraper to safely remove spots of dried food from the plastic and glass surfaces. Use the tool to remove the grime that builds up along the edges of the plastic frames around glass shelves. Remember to clean the crumbs and dirt out of the top of the door gaskets. The editors of Real Simple magazine named the Scrigit Scraper as one of their favorite tools for cleaning refrigerators and other kitchen cleaning tasks.

The Intentional Mom’s fall cleaning guide also includes ceiling fans, bathroom fans, and dryer vents. Links to other cleaning topics are also included. See Easy Fall Cleaning Ideas for Busy Moms for more details and a free printable checklist. Check out Jennifer’s blog for a wide range of useful information at

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