Helpful Time-Saving Bathroom Cleaning Tips

Use These Bathroom Cleaning Tips to Remove Mold, Mildew & Hard Water Stains

Your bathroom probably sees the most foot traffic. Not only do you start your day there but you come full-circle to get yourself ready for bed and sometimes, a few times in between. It’s important to keep this room clean but it’s easy to forget how dirty the bathroom gets in a short amount of time. During the warmer months, mold and mildew stains add to the cleaning challenge. Here are some time-saving bathroom cleaning tips speed you through the process.bathroom cleaning tips

Bathtub and Shower
As the humidity level tends to fluctuate the most in your bathroom, it is easy for mold and mildew to form along edges and stain the caulking and tile grout. In order to avoid this from occurring, it is imperative to clean all those nooks and crannies. Using the sharp flat edge of a Scrigit Scraper cleaning tool, it’s easy to clean the edges of your bathtub to get rid of any soap scum, grime and mold that formed. Use the rounded tip to clean soap scum from the rounded surfaces of soap dishes. If you have a shower caddy, use your Scrigit Scraper to clean all those hard to reach areas that your towel or scrubber sponge might have missed. Be sure to go through the areas where your shampoos and soap bottles sit as that area tends to be a breeding ground for bacteria and mold. Use a grout brush or a toothbrush dedicated to cleaning tasks to further clean the tile grout.

Removing Mold and Mildew Stains
If your caulk and tile grout already have black stains, here is the secret for getting rid of the stains. Put equal amounts of chlorine bleach and hot tap water in a plastic cup. Start with ¼ cup of each. While wearing rubber gloves, quickly dip sheets of toilet paper into the bleach mixture and press elongated blobs of the wet paper onto the stained areas. Be careful not to get the bleach on your clothing or any other fabric. Turn on the bathroom fan or open a window. Let the blobs of paper sit on the surfaces for about a half-hour. Then carefully lift off the paper to see if the stains are completely gone. If they are still there, put the wet paper back on. You can also move the wet paper to other stained areas. Dispose of the used wet paper in the toilet or plastic bag to put in the trash.bleach soaked toilet paper

Sinks, Countertops and Toilets
After cleaning the sink with a wet rag or scrubber sponge and a liquid bathroom cleaner of your choice, take the flat edge of a Scrigit Scraper to go around the base of your faucet. Next, go around the countertop paying close attention to the edge close to the wall. Then use the rounded end of the tool to clean around the base of the toilet and the toilet seat hinge.

Hard Water Stains
If you have hard water in your area, you likely will have buildups of crusty white calcium carbonate around your faucets and drains. This is also known as hard water stains or lime scale. Use the same technique as described above for removing mildew stains but substitute white vinegar for the bleach. The vinegar soaked toilet paper will soften the crusty build-up. A Scrigit Scraper will then remove the softened lime scale without scratching the surface. Also, remember to clean the faucet aerator with the vinegar. See post.

Cleaning your bathroom is no easy feat. These bathroom cleaning tips will make the process faster and easier. Goodbye mold and scale, hello cleanliness!


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BBQ Grill Cleaning Made Easy

Helpful Hints for BBQ Grill Cleaning

With warm weather arriving, get ready for BBQ season. It’s time to take out the old grill and give her the good ol’ scrub down in anticipation for the upcoming grilling season. Although your brush, soap, and scrub sponge will do the job, the Scrigit Scraper will take it to the next level – getting into all those nooks and crannies collecting grime since the last BBQ grill cleaning.BBQ grill cleaning

1. Grate Cleaning. Clean your grate or grates and any racks with your grill brush, such as Amazon’s best seller, and follow up with a Scrigit Scraper cleaning tool. Make sure you get the middle part of the grates where it is hard for the brush bristles to reach. It helps to take out the grates and set them on several layers of newspaper or paper towels on a table to go through them with the Scrigit Scraper to make sure all the char is off. Of course, this is where you’ll want to be the most diligent in your grill cleaning to ensure all the residue build-up from last year is gone and you’ll have a grill that looks as good as new.

2. Burner Protectors. Remove and wash the protectors (heat tents) that sit over the burners with some soapy water and a scrub sponge. Give the burners a good wash and the grime will come right off. This process will get the sponge quite dirty.

3. Burners. After going through the burner protectors, it’s time to clean the burners themselves. Again, with a little soap, water, and sponge, the grime will wash off. Make sure the openings where the gas comes out are not clogged. A toothpick can be used to clean any clogged openings.

4. Bottom Pan. Finally, it’s time to give the bottom of the inside of the grill a good cleaning. Use damp paper towels to remove large pieces of char and other loose material. Toss out the chars from the bottom and then follow through with the Scrigit Scraper to get all the remaining chars off the bottom pan. After a good grill cleaning, you’re set for a whole new season of grilling.

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Canadian Living Magazine Features Scrigit Scraper

Top Women’s Publication Canadian Living Magazine Likes Scrigit Scraper

The “Editor’s Home Advice” section of the May 2017 issue of Canadian Living magazine includes the non-scratch Scrigit Scraper cleaning tool as one of the editor’s favorite products. Here is what the editor said.

“If you think peeling stickers and price tags off household items is a pain (and you want to preserve your manicure), the Scrigit will be your new best friend. The pen-size too has both a flat edge for flat areas and tight spot, and a rounded tip for curved surfaces and crevices. It not only safely and quickly scrapers away labels but also works on dirty metal stovetops and opens shrink-wrapped packages.”Canadian Living magazine featuring Scrigit Scraper

Canadian Living is the #1 lifestyle brand for Canadian women. The magazine and associated digital media feature the best recipes, advice and inspired ideas for everyday living.

In Canada, Scrigit Scraper 2-packs are available through Lee Valley stores and website. Lee Valley is a family-owned business that initially specialized in woodworking tools but now also offers a wide range of home and garden products, hardware, and gifts. A U.S. website featuring their products in U.S. dollars is also available. Use the search function at the top of the page to find Scrigit.

Learn more about Canadian Living magazine and look under Subscriber Services for print and digital subscriptions.

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Best Way to Clean Sliding Door Tracks

Intentional Mom Blog Features the Scrigit Scraper for Cleaning Sliding Door Tracks
“This has become my new favorite tool.”

Big sliding glass doors are great for letting a lot of light into a room and creating a bright open feeling. The doors also make it easy to enter and exit a room without a swinging door creating unusable space needed for the swinging motion. However, the sliding door tracks catch all types of dirt and debris. This creates an ugly mess that can eventually impair the sliding of the door,  and the tracks are difficult to clean.Scrigit Scraper cleaning sliding door tracks

Jennifer, author of The Intentional Mom blog, has come to the rescue. In her blog post, “Clean Your Slider Tracks with No Scrubbing,” Jennifer describes nine simple steps to clean the tracks with a minimal amount of effort and great results. Only a few items are needed for cleaning the tracks, such as white vinegar, baking soda, paper towels, rags, a vacuum cleaner, and a Scrigit Scraper cleaning tool.

Yes, Jennifer discovered that the non-scratch pen-shaped Scrigit Scraper, with a different shaped scraper at each end, makes cleaning sliding door tracks faster and easier. The handy tool is just the right size to remove stuck-on gunk from the narrow track. The rounded angled tip, similar in shape to a fingernail (but much sturdier), works like a small v-shaped plow to break through hardened blobs of gunk. The flat-edged scraper end of the tool is ideal for quickly cleaning along the edges of the tracks and getting into the corners. Toothbrushes are not very effective for cleaning corners. Butter knives and other metal tools, like screwdrivers, can scratch the tracks. The flat-edged tip of the Scrigit Scraper is the best way to clean the corners of the tracks without scratching them.

Scrigit cleaning sliding door tracksIn the blog post, Jennifer describes the Scrigit Scraper as, “Super effective, budget friendly, and a time saver for so many projects around the house. This has become my new favorite tool.”

As a busy mom of 8, yes 8, from 15 years to under a year, Jennifer as a writer, author and blogger helps women and moms (and dads) handle the bustle of everyday life and to live with intention every day. Whether it is maintaining a budget, putting affordable healthy meals on the table, tackling a cluttered home, or cleaning sliding door tracks, The Intentional Mom is a wonderful resource. Please check it out.



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Spring Cleaning: Best Way to Get AC Ready

Clean Your Outdoor AC Unit for Greater Efficiency

Chances are, your outdoor air conditioning unit or heat pump isn’t cooling nearly as well as it could. A year’s worth of dirt, debris, and random gunk is clogging your machine. An outside AC unit with a dirty blower fan and cooling coils will reduce the efficiency of your air conditioner and wear it out faster.Outdoor AC units

Help boost your machine’s cooling power before the summer heat hits: This chore will take you less than an hour and extend the life of your unit.

Step 1. Clean up the area around your outdoor AC unit or heat pump. Leaves, trash and branches from the fall and winter often accumulate around the unit due to wind patterns near your house. These AC units work by drawing air in through the sides and blowing it out the top. Any debris nearby will be sucked into the sides and reduce airflow. Also, pull up any weeds or other plants (dead or alive) that have grown up within a foot or two of the unit. Good airflow around the unit is essential.

Step 2. Turn off the power! Safety first, folks. You’ll typically find this box right near the unit on the outside of the house. If you’re unsure, simply turn off power to the unit at your main electric panel.

Step 3. Vacuum away excess debris. Grass, leaves, and assorted gunk will be caught in the exterior fins of the unit. Grab the soft brush attachment for your vacuum (a shop vacuum is best) and gently brush them away.

Step 4. Grab your Scrigit™ Scraper! Improve airflow into the unit by straightening any bent fins with the flat end of the tool using gentle pressure. The Scrigit™ Scraper fits perfectly between each fin, but don’t push too hard!

Step 5. If you are comfortable doing this type of project, remove the fan by unscrewing the top grille. Then, slowly lift out the fan and carefully set it aside or have somebody hold it – making sure to not pull out any electrical wires. Pull out any additional debris that you uncover and gently wipe the fan blades and interior with a clean, damp cloth.

Step 6. Finally, spray the unit’s cooling fins using your hose. Be sure to angle the hose spray from the inside – out. No special cleaning solution is needed. Then, reinstall the fan and turn the power back on.

Most AC units aren’t maintained during the fall and winter months. Opting out of a springtime cleaning will reduce cooling efficiency and create unreasonably high energy bills. Get ready to clean! You’ll thank us when the summer’s scorching heat hits.

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Florida Magazine Features Best Cleaning Products

Florida Magazine Coconut Creek Lifestyle Chooses Scrigit Scraper

Coconut Creek Lifestyle is a Florida magazine that covers all the latest trends in South Florida with news and articles on fashion, dining, real estate, beauty, style, and other topics. The community of Coconut Creek is located on Florida’s eastern coast between Fort Lauderdale and Boca Raton, and just west of Pompano Beach. In the April 2017 edition, an article called “Tidy Up” picks out favorite products for organizing and cleaning “that will make chores a breeze now and throughout the year.”Florida magazine cover

One of the products featured in the article is the Scrigit™ Scraper pen-shaped non-scratch cleaning tool. Here is what the article says about this handy tool.

Save your nails: For cleaning jobs that require you to get up close with gunk you don’t want on your hands, there’s the Scrigit Scraper. The pen-shaped tool gets into the grooves and crevices that standard cleaning tools often miss, saving you the trouble of using damaging metal tools or, worse, your nails. Try it on stubborn stickers, paint, wax and more.”

You can view the whole “Tidy Up” article at or you can click here to see digital edition of the whole magazine.

We are very happy to have a Florida magazine select the Scrigit Scraper as one of their favorite products. The versatile tool is made for Scrigit, LLC by a company in Florida.

Non-scratch Scrigit Scrapers are not only a great alternative to using your fingernails, screwdrivers and knives for scraping tasks within your own household, but they also make great gifts for anybody who likes to keep their house or vehicle clean, works on crafts, or does DIY projects around the house.Scrigit rounded tip The tool features a rounded tip that simulates the effective scraping shape of a fingernail and a second flat-edged scraper on the top end for cleaning flat surfaces, edges, and grooves.

We thank Coconut Creek Lifestyle magazine for including the Scrigit Scraper in their magazine.


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Two Easy Ways to Clean an Oven

The Guide to an Immaculate Oven

Cleaning your oven isn’t always as simple as throwing it on that handy clean setting. While the clean setting does a pretty decent job of cleaning, the clean setting can lead to a house full of noxious smoke, buzzing smoke detectors, and even a fire—no one wants those problems. Instead you can achieve oven greatness with a fume-free store-bought oven cleaner or a few simple ingredients (most of which you probably have in your kitchen), some elbow grease, and 12 hours.

Here’s what you’ll need:Cleaning oven supplies

Baking soda
Rubber gloves
Damp dish cloth
Scrigit™ Scraper
Spray bottle
White vinegar


  1. Remove the racks. If there is anything else in there be sure to take it out, you’ll want your oven empty.
  2. Using a small bowl create a paste using a ½ cup baking soda and a few tablespoons of water. You will want this paste to be spreadable so adjust the amount of water as needed.
  3. Coat your oven with the baking soda paste (this is where your gloves will likely come in handy.) You will want this paste in all of the dirtiest nooks and crannies. …Your manicure will thank you for using those gloves! As you are lathering on the baking soda you will notice its brown color and it will likely be chunkier in some places than others. Pay extra attention to the particularly greasy spots.
  4. This is where the 12 hours comes into play. You’ll want to let the baking soda rest overnight, or for at least 12 hours.
  5. In the meantime you can tackle the oven racks. In the bathtub, lay down a large towel you don’t mind getting grimy, this will ensure your bathtub does not get scratched up. Cover the racks with hot water, add a ½ cup of powdered, or liquid dish detergent and swish around the water in the tub. You can let your racks soak anywhere from 4-12 hours, the choice is yours. After time is up, use a non-abrasive scrubber and a Scrigit Scraper to clean any remaining gunk.
  6. Now that the inside of your oven is prepped and ready, take a damp cloth and wipe out most of the baking soda paste. Your non-scratch Scrigit Scraper can definitely help remove stubborn spots and get into corners, edges and grooves.
  7. Once you are done with the wipe down, take a spray bottle of vinegar and lightly mist any places you still see baking soda. You will see the baking soda and vinegar gently foam. The gentle foaming will let you know where you still need to give a final wipe down. A little extra water and vinegar will leave the inside nice and shiny.

For those extra tough stains or if you want to spend less time cleaning your oven, opt for Easy-Off Fume-Free Oven Cleaner in the blue spray can instead of the above baking soda mixture. We love it because it’s nearly odorless (like baking soda), and it kicks some serious butt! Make sure you wear rubber gloves and follow the directions on the can.

Replace your oven racks and anything else you might keep in there, and obviously make something fabulous in your squeaky clean oven!


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How to Organize and Clean a Refrigerator

Check out these Helpful Hints to Organize and Clean a Refrigerator

Most of us are guilty of treating our refrigerator as if it has a revolving door. Chances are it’s been a while since your fridge has had a deep cleaning. While it should be easy to keep a basic, out with the old in with the new routine, some things always seem to drift to the back and spoil. Spills and leaks accumulate over time. The reality is your refrigerator could be harboring some of the most disgusting molds and germs in your home. Here are some tips on how to clean a refrigerator followed by some suggestions on how to organize it.clean a refrigerator

Here are steps to ensure your fridge is impeccably clean.

Empty the Fridge — Shelves, Drawers and All
While it seems like a pain, take everything out of your fridge. The only way to thoroughly clean the fridge is if it is completely empty. Taking everything out also allows you to double check expiration dates. Place everything in a cooler or another fridge, if you have one, and let the scrub begin.

Soak, Scrub, Rinse, Dry
Take out the removable drawers, bins, and shelves. Pour a quart of warm water and two tablespoons of baking soda or a squirt of dishwashing liquid in each removed drawer to soak for at least 15 minutes. Soak removable shelves and bins in the sink with dishwashing liquid and warm water. Do not put cold glass shelves in hot water!

As featured in the November 2016 issue of Real Simple magazine, use a non-scratch pen-shaped Scrigit Scraper cleaning tool to remove spots of dried food from the glass surfaces of the shelves and to clean along the shelf seams where the glass meets the plastic edges. A paste made from equal parts baking soda and hot water can help soften the dried food before scraping. A toothbrush could also help with the cleaning. Finish washing, rinsing, and drying the shelves and drawers.

Scrigit cleaning shelf seam

Scrigit Cleaning Fridge Shelf

Clean a refrigerator interior with a microfiber or other clean cloth and a mixture of a ¼ cup baking soda to a half-gallon of warm water to wipe down the interior. Use a Scrigit Scraper to remove food spots and grime that won’t come off easily with just the cleaning solution. Baking soda will kill any lingering germs and eliminate all odor. Give a final wipe down and your fridge’s interior should be sparkling.

If your fridge comes equipped with a removable drip pan, remember to clean it while you are cleaning the other parts.

Take all the clean and dry drawers, bins, shelves, and drip pan, and return them to their rightful place. Now that we covered how to clean a refrigerator, here are some tips on how to organized it as you put the food back in.

There’s a Method to the Madness

The Drawers
It is likely your refrigerator drawers are marked as low and high humidity or veggie and fruit crispers. The low humidity drawer is where your fruits belong. Vegetables go in the other drawer with higher humidity.

It’s never a good idea to wash your fruit or veggies before you store them. Excess moisture increases your chance of rot and mold.

Bottom Shelf
The bottom shelf, the coolest spot in the fridge, is where your milk will last the longest. If you are storing raw meat it always belongs on the bottom shelf. Juices dripping from the top shelf can easily contaminate your entire fridge.

The Middle
Eggs tend to stay freshest on the middle and most temperature regulated shelf. If your refrigerator has a shallow drawer it can act as a home for your lunch meat. No shallow drawer? No Problem. The bottom shelf will work wonders.

The Door
The door is usually the home for condiments and pasteurized juices. Both include preservatives and usually will last a long time.

Butter and soft cheese have a home in the container on the door. If you love brie or goat cheese store in an airtight container and place in the same slot.

The Top
The top shelf can be used for your leftovers and other miscellaneous items.

Try to keep your food organized on an ongoing basis and to clean a refrigerator, follow these steps twice a year. The way you see your fridge will never be the same, unless you like to find gross moldy things in the back.

Get ready, get set, CLEAN!


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Deep Cleaning 101

Get Moving on Your Deep Cleaning with These Tips

Woman read for deep cleaning

Have you been procrastinating on tackling your major chores? Deep cleaning can feel intimidating, and very stressful but worry no more. These deep cleaning tips will help you to tackle even the most dread-worthy cleaning tasks in no time.

The Hardest Part is Showing Up
Setting aside time to clean seems like the lowest priority most of the time, but calendaring your cleaning can make you stick to your guns. Setting a day and time means making a commitment to yourself and to your space. Once you show up there’s nothing left to do except start your cleaning extravaganza, the hardest part is over.

Make a List
Marking off your to-dos shows you what you’ve accomplished, especially, when you are feeling overwhelmed. A list will help you make sure you’ve covered everything and can help give a method to the madness. Get planning!

A cluttered space is a cluttered mind. If you’ve got major clutter simply commit 15 minutes daily to decluttering. You won’t know how much of a difference this makes until you give it a try. A great method to conquering clutter is with two boxes: trash and donations. Label your boxes and get moving!

Top to Bottom, Big to Small
Once you’ve eliminated the clutter it’s time to make your space sparkle. The best way to attack this part of the dirty work is from top to bottom, ceilings to baseboards; and to handle your larger surfaces first. Don’t forget to move the furniture, wipe down the windows.

And for deep cleaning tough corners, edges and grooves and other challenging gunk, your Scrigit Scraper will do the trick. The non-scratch pen-shaped Scrigit Scraper is a must-have tool for your cleaning supplies holder but should also be kept close by in convenient locations throughout your house so one is always handy when needed. The versatile scraper tool will make your deep cleaning faster and easier. Before you know it, your space will sparkle and your nose will thank floor edge

Just when you realize your procrastination is catching up, don’t panic! Take a minute to create a game plan for your deep cleaning tasks. With these simple tips your space will be transformed before you know it! Don’t get down, get up, and get cleaning!


(First Photo: Pixabay)

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Peekaboo Family Magazine Features Scrigit

Scrigit Scraper Chosen as Favorite by Peekaboo Family Magazine

Peekaboo Mag - Arkansas mapThe January 2017 issue of Peekaboo Magazine includes the Scrigit Scraper as one of their Favorite Things. The magazine was created as a guide to life for families in Northwest Arkansas. First published in February 2008, it continues to share advice and helpful tips while connecting readers to one another through personal stories and monthly columns. Peekaboo also provides a forum for experts to share advice and a guide to must see and do locations and activities throughout beautiful Northwest Arkansas.

Each month, the magazine editor and her staff pick out “A Few of Our Favorite Things” to share with their readers. The Scrigit Scraper cleaning tool was one of four products highlighted in the January edition (pages 40-41).

“If you have ever broken a nail while scraping a price tag off of a present you just bought before a birthday party, you will want to try the Scrigit Scraper. This pocket sized scraper looks like a blue pen, but instead comes to a thin, flat plastic head that will scrape off anything and everything. One one end is a flat surface to scraper off large sticky items like dried gum, putty or dried food. The other end is rounded like a fingernail and will scrape off any price tags, stickers, candle wax or more! It is the perfect size to keep in small spaces and, because it comes in a pack of five or two, we’re keeping one our glove compartment and another in our purse, with a few spares to have on hand around the house.”Peekaboo Favorite Things

Peekaboo is a very well written and visually appealing magazine that should appeal to parents far beyond Northwest Arkansas. Digital versions can be read at this link. If you are in northern Arkansas, you can find Scrigit Scrapers at Bull Shoals Hardware (740 Central Boulevard, Bull Shoals, AR 72619) near Bull Shoals Lake, the largest lake in the state known for excellent bass fishing and great family weekends of boating and fishing . Otherwise, the versatile tool is available through the Scrigit website and through Amazon.

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