10 Handiest Kitchen Gadgets for Cooking & Cleaning

Scrigit Scraper Included in Post as One of the Handiest Kitchen Gadgets

In a recent post, writer Abi Travis identified 31 of the handiest kitchen gadgets for cooking and cleaning that “might have been invented by a genius.” “There’s no better place for gadgets than in the kitchen,” stated Abi. “There are so many tasks that can be made easier with specialized gadgets. And they’re actually fun to use!” The products range from the practical – stainless steel straws – to the fun but frivolous –  a special toaster that can cook hot dogs and toast the buns at the same time. One of her favorite products is the Scrigit Scraper cleaning tool. As the inventor of the Scrigit, I am very happy to be included in this list.

From my perspective, here are 10 of best kitchen gadgets on the list. They are in the same order as in the complete list. A link to the complete list, which includes links to the products, is included at the end of this post.

Nano Glove

This is a duster shaped like a glove. The fabric will capture dust, dirt, liquid, and grime.

Splash PaddyKitchen Paddy - handiest kitchen gadgets

Abi has the same problem with her kitchen sink as I have. Water either splashes your shirt directly as you are washing items or builds up on the front edge of counter. Then when you lean against the counter, you get a big wet spot on your clothes. The Splash Paddy is a clear, flexible plastic shield that will keep you from getting splashed. Somehow, it will roll up when not in use.

Scrigit Scraper

While most of the items on the list are very specialized, the pen-shaped non-scratch Scrigit Scraper has a wide range of uses for cleaning in the kitchen, bathroom and throughout the house. It can also be used for cleaning your cars and for working on craft projects. “You know when you’re cleaning a small area and find yourself wishing you had something tiny to scrape away the gunk? That’s where the Scrigit comes in,” stated Abi.

Syrup Dispensersyrup dispenser kitchen gadget

Whether at a restaurant or at home, anytime you have to pour pancake syrup or honey from a container, some drips down the front and ends up getting the container all sticky. This unique syrup container puts the dispenser opening at the bottom. A special stand holds the dispenser when not in use.

Dishwashing Gloves

If you where gloves for washing dishes, glasses and cookware, here is an improved version. The palms and fingers are covered with tiny bristles made out of the same silicone material as the gloves. These bristles provide scrubbing action to speed up the cleaning process. Of course if you have stuck-on food or need to clean out grooves or in tight spaces, a Scrigit Scraper is still needed.

Silicone Baking Mats

These mats provide a non-stick layer between the pan and whatever your are baking. And they are reusable.

Jokari Baggy RacksKitchen gadgets - Jokari baggy rack

These clever racks hold open plastic food storage bags in an upright position, so you don’t need three hands to fill them.

Grill Mats

These mats are made out of a thin material that won’t melt at normal outdoor grill temperatures. They are great for grilling foods that would typically stick to the grates or fall apart and drop through the grates.

Cut Resistant Gloves

If you have a tendency to cut yourself with cutting up food, these gloves will protect your hands from most cuts.Handiest kitchen gadgets - Staybowlizer


This clever silicone device holds a bowl or another pot steady over another pot when you need to create a double boiler for doing something like melting chocolate. The device can also hold a bowl or pot steady on your counter so you can stir and add ingredients without needing a third hand to hold the container steady.

 kitchen gadgets - Spiral sausage cutterThe oddest gadget is a Cyclone Sausage Cutter. “Use one of these handy doodads to easily spiralize your hot dogs and sausages for a better grilling experience.” I had never heard of spiralizing your hotdogs.

To see the whole post with the handiest kitchen gadgets, go to 31 Kitchen Gadgets That Might Have Been Invented by a Genius. And thank you Abi for including the Scrigit Scraper in this select grouping.

Thanks for reading this post.

Jay, inventor of the Scrigit Scraper



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Garage Cleaning – Reclaim Your Space

Step-by-Step Guide for Garage Cleaning

Garages can become filled with all kinds of stuff faster than any room in the house. The basement is a close second, but you have to carry the items down the stairs. It is much easier to put things in the garage. From the day you begin moving into your house, the garage starts accumulating boxes of household items, deliveries of new items, bicycles, toys, gardening supplies and tools, yard maintenance equipment, auto maintenance supplies, and so much more. If you want to keep your car or cars in the garage, regular garage cleaning is essential.

garage cleaning photo

Photo from blog post

Fortunately, cleaning and organizing expert Donna Smallin Kuper recently posted an article on her blog that presents a step-by-step plan for cleaning your garage. According to the article, “With a few simple organization ideas, tidying up your garage and keeping it neat and clean is not only possible, it’s very doable.” Here is a summary.

Declutter First
  • Pick a starting point and then go through every single item and sort into four piles – Keep, Donate, Sell, Toss. A good tip for judging which items to let go of is to ask yourself, Have I used this in the past year? If your answer is no, then it’s time to get rid of it. (Of course, some things in a garage are used less frequently, so you might want to increase the time frame to 3 or even 5 years.)
  • You might hate to let go of things that you spent a lot of money on. Keep in mind that the money has already been spent. Whether you keep the item (and never use it) or let it go, the money spent on it is not coming back.  It’s best to just let go and gain extra space in the garage.
  • Trash or recycle items you’ve decided to toss.
  • If you have hazardous materials, like oil, insecticides, paint, solvents, that you don’t need, check with your local city or county government to see how to properly dispose of these materials. There might be a nearby recycling center that will take these materials.
Organize What is Left

Once you have eliminated the items you don’t need, continue your garage cleaning by organizing what you have left. Figure out how much space you need for your car or cars and then figure out how to place what is left based on types and uses.

Frequently Used Items: For items you need frequently, such as shopping bags, dog leashes and trash bags, keep them by the door. For a detached garage, this would be the garage door. For an attached garage, you might want these items by the door to the house. Keep them on hooks or shelves. (Keep a cup or mug handy on a shelf with pens, pencils, and Scrigit Scrapers for cleaning gardening equipment and vehicles and for removing mud from the treads of shoes and boots.)

Items Used Together: Group items used together, such as sports equipment, gardening supplies and auto supplies, in specific areas. Gardening supplies and sports equipment should be kept handy near the garage door.

Bulkier Items: Keep larger items, such as out the out-of-season lawnmower or snowblower, in the back corners of the garage.

Rarely Used: Items, such as snow tires and holiday decorations, that are rarely used should be kept higher up on shelves or a ceiling storage system.

Tools and Bicycles: Larger tools, such as shovels and rakes can be hung from hooks in the wall. Bicycles can be hung from hooks in the wall or ceiling near the back wall.

Keep it Tidy

Once everything is off the floor, sweep and possibly wash off the floor. Clean the floor on a regular basis. Repeat this garage cleaning process a couple times a year to keep your garage tidy.

To see the full article, go to “Cleaning Your Garage – A Step by Step Plan.”

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Parade Picks Favorite Spring Cleaning Products

Parade Picks Scrub Daddy, the Scrigit Scraper, and Nine other Cleaning Products to Make Your Life Easier

Every week, the Sunday Parade magazine includes Parade Picks that features their favorite products in a specific category. Parade’s website features more content than can be included in the print edition, including more Parade Picks.

A recent article features 11 of their favorite spring cleaning products that “make it easy (and, dare we say, FUN!) to get your house shining from top to bottom, inside and out.” Of course, all of these products are very handy for cleaning throughout the year.Parade Picks sponges and scrapers

Scrub Daddy

The original round yellow Scrub Daddy sponge with the smiley face is the first product featured. This versatile sponge is made from a unique plastic that provides soft scrubbing in warm to hot water and more abrasive scrubbing in colder water, such as for tougher cleaning jobs like oven racks. Originally featured on ABC Television’s Shark Tank. the Scrub Daddy and its many subsequent variations is an excellent home cleaning tool.

Mr. Clean Magic Eraser

Another sponge for somewhat different applications is the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. The sponge dampened with water is amazingly effective at cleaning fingerprints and grime off of painted walls and woodwork.

Scrigit Scraper

While these two sponges are great for cleaning household surfaces with water and liquid cleaners, sometimes you need a tool for smaller cleaning tasks and getting into corners, edges and tight spaces. The Parade Picks article includes the versatile Scrigit Scraper cleaning tool for such tasks as removing adhesive stickers and scraping oScrigit Scrapers from Parade Picksff spots of dried food, drips of candle wax, and accumulated grime from surfaces, grooves and along edges.

The handy pen-shaped tool features two different types of scraper blades. The rounded tip is shaped like a fingernail but is much more durable. It can also get into tight spaces that your fingernails could not reach. In addition, the flat tip provides more versatility for cleaning flat surfaces and along edges, such as in the kitchen and bathroom where grime accumulates. This Scrigit blade is much better at cleaning surfaces than a screwdriver of kitchen knife because it won’t scratch most household surfaces.

Wet & Forget

If you live in a part of the country with high summer humidity that promotes the growth of mold, mildew and green algae on the siding of your house, you’ll love another product mentioned in the article. Wet & Forget is a very easy way to remove mold, mildew and algae from your siding, deck and sidewalks and does not contain chlorine bleach. All you have to do is spray it on. In a few days, the the green algae and other growing substances will turn gray. Rain and wind will eventually clean off what is left. Or you can do a quick power wash to speed up the process. In addition, Wet & Forget will keep the siding clear of mold, mildew and algae much longer than power washing alone. A refresher spray several months after the first spray and then in subsequent years will keep the siding free from algae, mold and mildew.

To learn about all of the Parade Picks favorite cleaning products, see “11 Spring Cleaning Products That Will Make Your Life So Much Easier.”

Parade magazine is distributed on Sundays by over 700 newspapers across the U.S. to 18 million households with 44 million readers. Parade online has over 2 million unique viewers each month.


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Gift Baskets for Easter, Bridal Shower & House Warming

Scrigit Scraper is Unique and Useful Addition to Gift Baskets

I have heard from many people that the versatile Scrigit Scraper makes a great addition to gift baskets or just a nice small gift for almost any occasion. When giving several small gifts, such as at a bridal shower or birthday party, most people try to find something different but useful. It is unlikely that the recipient of the gift would have a Scrigit Scraper, and it would definitely be useful since it can be used for so many different tasks, such as cleaning and crafts. The Scrigit packaging is attractive, so it looks good in a gift basket.

The scraper could also be added to baskets individually, with the empty package possibly hidden underneath for reference by the recipient. The scrapers could be decorated with small stickers or incorporated into a design, just as people do with Peeps.Easter gift baskets idea


Some people put together adult Easter baskets. These gift baskets usually contain a mix of seasonal snack foods, such as Peeps, and clever useful items. With so many uses by men and women for cleaning, house repairs and crafts, the Scrigit Scraper is a very thoughtful gift. The scrapers could be decorated with small stickers, such as bunnies, or incorporated into a design, just as people do with Peeps.

Bridal shower Nail care gift basket

Nail Care Gift Basket

Bridal Shower

For the bride, you could create a nail care gift basket as shown in the photo. A mixture of nail polishes and other manicure accessories can be assembled in a basket along with a package of Scrigit Scrapers. The bride could use the Scrigit Scrapers for cleaning tasks instead of her fingernails in order to protect her fingernails and manicure from damage. The Scrigit Scrapers will be very handy for removing adhesive stickers attached to wedding presents, such as glassware and dishes.

House Warming

When people are moving into a new house, there will be a lot things that need cleaning. There will also be a lot of price stickers and adhesive product labels to remove. For house warming gift baskets, a package of Scrigit Scrapers could be included along with a selection of house cleaning and maintenance supplies. A Scrub Daddy Sponge, a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser and colorful microfiber cleaning cloths rolled in decorative shapes would also be good additions to the basket. A screwdriver with multiple tips that store in the handle would also be a great idea.

Please share your ideas and photos for using Scrigit Scrapers in gift baskets or with other types of gifts.

Jay, Inventor of Scrigit Scraper

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Think Spring – Pancakes and Maple Syrup

Enjoy Spring Eating with Pancakes Topped with Butter and Maple Syrup

Growing up in Northeastern Ohio, one of the first signs of spring was the running of the sugar maple sap. Warmer days and cool nights cause the sap in sugar maple trees to start heading up the trunks of the trees. Carefully placed taps collect the thin sugary sap in buckets for hand emptying or tubes leading to collection tanks. News stories and advertisements celebrating this early spring ritual would announce the start of this process and the highly anticipated breakfasts of pancakes served as fundraisers for volunteer fire departments, churches, and other groups.pancakes with syrup and butter

Maple Syrup Production

The best known location in the rural area east of Cleveland for seeing maple sap turned into maple syrup is the Burton, Ohio Log Cabin and Sugar Camp. Located right on the town square, the sugar house produces maple syrup in the spring and maple candy throughout the year. It typically takes 10 gallons of maple syrup to produce one quart of maple syrup.

Obviously, large numbers of maple trees need to be tapped to produce commercial quantities of maple syrup. The tapping of trees and producing of maple syrup is carried out throughout the the northeastern quarter of the United States and in Canada. Of course, the popularity of pancakes (aka flapjacks)  with maple syrup stretches across the United States and Canada. Traditional pancakes in the United States are made by frying a batter consisting of eggs, milk or buttermilk, flour, salt and a small amount of baking powder. There are a wide range of variations and add-ins, such as blueberries or chocolate chips. In many Latina cultures, maple syrup is served over various types of corn bread.

Making Pancakes

Now after reading this, you probably want to eat some pancakes with maple syrup. If you are making your own, choose a mix where you have to add your own eggs. Add an egg to any pancake mix that says it is complete. This will make the pancakes lighter and fluffier, which tastes better. Of course, you could also use your favorite recipe to make them from scratch.

Cleaning Upscraping batter from pancakes

After cooking pancakes, there are usually drips and dribbles of batter that dry on the stove top and kitchen counters. This dried batter is usually difficult to scrub off. Use the rounded fingernail-shaped tip of a handy Scrigit Scraper cleaning tool to quickly and easily scrape off the dried batter spots without scratching any of the surfaces. If the batter dries along edges or in grooves, use the flat tip of the Scrigit tool to remove it.

Enjoy your spring eating!

By: Jay, inventor of the Scrigit Scraper


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Targeted Cleaning Tasks Deliver Big Bang for Your Effort

These Spring Cleaning Tasks Focus on Five Zones for a Clean and Decluttered House

Since you are probably spending more time in your house during the winter months, this is a good time to start your spring cleaning tasks. As a result, you will then have more time to spend on outdoor activities when the weather gets nicer. This is the philosophy of blogger Jennifer, The Intentional Mom. As a mother of 9 children, as well as a blogger, author and writer, she had to become a master of cleaning and organizing. She must get a lot done in as little time as possible.

In her recent blog about spring cleaning, she explains how to divide your house into five main zones and then focus on 30 spring cleaning tasks. Instead of being overwhelmed by looking at all that needs to be done to clean and declutter your entire house, she believes in dividing up the cleaning effort into smaller tasks. Each of the tasks can generally be done in about 30 minutes or less. As a result you will feel less stressed and a continuing sense of accomplishment as you complete each smaller cleaning task.

Intentional Mom cleaning tasks

The Right Tools

Of course, having the right tools and supplies makes the cleaning process faster and easier while achieving better results. One of these tools is the pen-shaped non-scratch Scrigit Scraper. Jennifer describes the Scrigit Scraper as “my favorite cleaning tool of all time.” The tool is great for removing adhesive stickers, labels and tape. It is also very effective for removing dried food, dirt and grime from counter tops, floors, edges, corners, and grooves. It can get into tight spaces that your fingers can’t reach while keeping your fingers from getting cut, preventing your fingernails from getting damaged, and eliminating that awful feeling of gunk stuck under your fingernails.

Note that Jennifer discovered the benefits of using Scrigit Scrapers on her own. Then she approached me – Jay, the inventor of the tool – about sponsoring her spring cleaning blog post. All of the opinions she expresses in the article are her own.

Here is a very brief summary. A link to the entire blog post is provided below. You can also get a free printable Spring Cleaning Checklist.

Zone 1: Kitchen

Cleaning tasks include the microwave, stove top, oven, and refrigerator. Boiling some water with lemon juice added in a microwave-safe bowel or glass measuring cup really speeds up the cleaning process. Jennifer really likes using a Scrigit Scraper for cleaning refrigerators. The tool is very good at cleaning gunk off the edges of glass shelves without scratching the glass or plastic edges. Of course, then there are the cabinets and the drawers with more corners and edges.

Zone 2: Living/Family Rooms

There are a lot of places for dust, dog and cat fur, and food crumbs to accumulate in and under the furniture.

bathroom faucet cleaning tasksZone 3: Bathrooms

Bathrooms are one of the most rewarding places to clean because they seem to sparkle when you are done. A Scrigit Scraper is essential for cleaning in the bathroom because the tool can clean the edges around the faucets, sinks and floors. The tool is also effective for cleaning the groove around the drains and in or along the shower door track, depending on the style of door you have.

Zone 4: Laundry Room

As you are busy cleaning your clothes, dirt accumulates on your washer and dryer.

Zone 5: Bedrooms

You will keep your vacuum cleaner busy here. Take the time to clean under the bed and behind furniture.

General Areas

These areas around the house include dusty baseboards and ceiling lines with dangling cobwebs. On nicer days, open the windows to clean out the dirt that accumulates between the inner and outer window, if you have that window style. A Scrigit Scraper is very helpful for cleaning the tracks of sliding windows and doors.

See the whole article for information about all the cleaning tasks at Room by Room Spring Cleaning Cheat Sheet & Free Printable Checklist. Check out Jennifer’s blog for a wide range of useful information at TheIntentionalMom.com.

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Listen to Your Clutter to Conquer It

Organizing and Cleaning Expert Provides Tips on How to Conquer Your Clutter

In a recent blog post, organizing and cleaning expert Donna Smallin Kuper asks, What would your clutter say if it could talk? As most of us spend more time indoors during the winter months, the accumulation of all types of items in your house and the need to declutter becomes more obvious. Here are some of the symptoms she describes.

Can you find what you need when you look for it?

Do you have more than one junk drawer or an entire junk room?

Is your dining room table, kitchen counter, or desk piled high with paper and other items?

I would also add, Is your guest bedroom, finished basement or garage so full of boxes and various items items that the rooms can’t be used?

clutter in houseIf all these items around your house could talk, here is what they would be saying.

“You dumped me.”

If you are in the habit of setting things down instead of of putting them away, clutter happens.

“I forgive you.”

Clutter often accumulates in our homes because you think how much you paid for something that you did not end up using. As a result, you feel guilty for getting rid of the item even if you will probably never use it.

“Please let me go.”

Look at what you have sitting around the house and taking up valuable space. Is there really any value in keeping clothing that is several sizes too small? Are you likely to every use the craft supplies or materials for a hobby you gave up years ago? In addition, items that are the most difficult to part with are things you inherited. Are they really something you would buy today? Just because somebody else gave them to you doesn’t mean you have to keep them forever. Consider taking photos of the items, write up a description of their backgrounds, and then findindig a new home for them.

“You have too much stuff.”

Maybe you might not really need a bigger house, more storage space or even a storage locker. You might just need less stuff. “Clutter detracts from our lives in ways we don’t even realize,” said Donna. “It gets in our way. It steals our time, energy and attention.” Think about how good you would feel if all those excess items were gone. Keep thinking about that good feeling as you eliminate the clutter room by room.

To read the entire article, which includes more suggestions on how to deal with these four issues, go to What Your Clutter Would Say If It Could Talk.

About the Author

Donna Smallin Kuper is an organizing and cleaning expert. She is the author of a dozen best selling books. Donna has been a guest on multiple television and radio shows. She was interviewed as a subject matter expert for many magazine articles. Among these are articles are ones that appeared in Real Simple and Redbook magazines where she recommended the pen-shaped non-scratch Scrigit Scraper as one of her favorite household cleaning tools.


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DIY Holiday Decorations: 2 Easy Projects to Try

‘Tis the Season! Deck the Halls with these Winter Holiday Decorations that Can be Easily Made at Home

terrarium & snow globe holiday decorations

Homemade holiday decorations help personalize your holiday decor. Here are two ideas that are easy to make with a wide variety of materials. The terrarium can be kept out throughout the winter season.

Make Your Own Winter Terrarium

Step #1: Select your terrarium

These glass containers come in a variety of shapes and sizes (we love this faceted version from West Elm). You can even use a clear drinking glass.

Step #2: Set the scene

Fill the bottom of your terrarium with faux snow from your local craft store (here is an option found at JOANN Fabrics) or salt. Then layer moss and more snow to fill your terrarium ~⅓ of the way. Reach deep into corners by leveraging both the flat and round edges of your Scrigit Scraper.

Step 3: Plant your objects

Deck out your snow scene with miniature pine trees, tiny deer, or even snowmen made with cotton balls. Rearrange each object carefully with your Scrigit Scraper.

Step 4: All done!

Showcase your new terrariums on your mantel, dressers, or anywhere else that could use a bit of homemade holiday cheer.

Make Your Own Mini Snow Globe Ornament

Scenic terrariums aren’t your style? Make an ornament or snow globe instead as one of your holiday decorations! The ornament version looks just like a miniature snow globe. Both are almost as easy to make as buying one. Here’s how to make your own.

Step 1: Grab the glue gun

Insert a small amount of hot glue to the bottom of a large, clear plastic ornament or snow globe glass container.

Step 2: Set your trees or other items

Use the same miniature pine trees we mentioned above or other decorative items. Delicately insert them into your ornaments so their trunk is firmly set in glue. Hold the tree in place until the glue dries by using your Scrigit Scraper.

Step 3: Grab the glitter

Using a funnel, fill the ornament ⅓ of the way full with course white glitter.

Step 4: Close it up!

Secure your ornament by adding a few dabs of hot glue gun to the lids, then hold securely until dry. Finish off by trying a small piece of twine on each lid!

Happy crafting! Light a fire, grab the kiddos, and make a cup of warm hot cocoa while you make these beautiful holiday decorations.

Contributed by guest blogger Cyndi G.

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3 Ideas for Creating the Perfect Thanksgiving Tablescape

Helpful Hints for Creating the Perfect Tablescape

An autumn tablescape is a favorite decorating opportunity for a lot of people. The design can be chock-full of deeply vibrant colors, textures, and natural elements, It’s the perfect stage for the coziness that comes with entertaining friends and family during Thanksgiving. (Not to mention all of the buttery comfort foods…)gourds in tablescape

The best part of these tablescapes? The majority of the elements required can be found in your craft drawer or right outside your home, making these DIY projects ultra easy and ultra affordable.

Set the table in autumn style with these stunning fall table decorations

The Rustic Table

Get ready to channel some elegant barn vibes. First, use a yard or so of your favorite unhemmed flannel fabric as your table runner (check at a local fabric store for deals). Iron it to remove the wrinkles, but don’t stress about imperfections. Then, layer small gourds and tiny pumpkins down the runner, interspersing candle tumblers and even a few small pumpkins as you see fit.

tablescape with place settings

Tablescape idea from lovelyclustersblog.com

Next, head out to your backyard with sheers in-hand. Cut a few branches from a nearby fruit tree (such as a plum with small dried fruit still attached). If any dead flowers or leaves remain on the branches, keep them there! Their colors will add a beautifully imperfect touch. Lay the branches between the pumpkins and more candles. Finish the look with the necessities: layering rattan chargers, plates, silverware, and napkins.

The Updated Table

If you’re looking to brighten up your Thanksgiving table, opt for a tablescape with a fresher look. Dress bowls or baskets with any combination of apples, lemons, limes, oranges and acorn squash. Using a white table runner, disperse silver dollar eucalyptus and potted baby’s breath. Next, place preserved boxwood bowls over the eucalyptus. If you have more citrus and acorn squash on hand, use them to fill in the areas that look sparse. Once again, finish the look with the necessities: layering glassware, plates, silverware, and napkins.

The Traditional Table

Nothing beats a classic fall table. Start yours by placing a solid table runner of your choosing (fall or cream colors only) across your table. Follow with a bed of magnolia tips directly on the table runner fabric. Then arrange acorn squash around the magnolia tips. Grab your favorite mercury glasses (silvered glass candle holders that do not actually contain mercury or silver) and disperse them down the table, placing an individual soy wax candle/melt in each one. Scatter remaining acorns and mini gourds as you see fit to fill the holes on your tablescape. Then complete the look with tall, white unscented candles. Let their wax drip directly onto the runner for a vintage touch on a classic table.

For an even more interesting combination of shapes and textures, fill the runner with silver dollar eucalyptus leaves, star pods and squash. Insert extra touches of green, incorporate geodes, leaf skeletons or air plants. Complete the table by filling glass jars with hazelnuts supporting long, thin unscented candles.

Additional Hint: Use a Scrigit Scraper cleaning tool to remove candle wax from candle holders and other surfaces. It is safe to use on most surfaces, but test in an inconspicuous spot on wood and other softer surfaces.

Contributed by guest blogger Cyndi G.

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