3 Ideas for Creating the Perfect Thanksgiving Tablescape

Helpful Hints for Creating the Perfect Tablescape

An autumn tablescape is a favorite decorating opportunity for a lot of people. The design can be chock-full of deeply vibrant colors, textures, and natural elements, It’s the perfect stage for the coziness that comes with entertaining friends and family during Thanksgiving. (Not to mention all of the buttery comfort foods…)gourds in tablescape

The best part of these tablescapes? The majority of the elements required can be found in your craft drawer or right outside your home, making these DIY projects ultra easy and ultra affordable.

Set the table in autumn style with these stunning fall table decorations

The Rustic Table

Get ready to channel some elegant barn vibes. First, use a yard or so of your favorite unhemmed flannel fabric as your table runner (check at a local fabric store for deals). Iron it to remove the wrinkles, but don’t stress about imperfections. Then, layer small gourds and tiny pumpkins down the runner, interspersing candle tumblers and even a few small pumpkins as you see fit.

tablescape with place settings

Tablescape idea from lovelyclustersblog.com

Next, head out to your backyard with sheers in-hand. Cut a few branches from a nearby fruit tree (such as a plum with small dried fruit still attached). If any dead flowers or leaves remain on the branches, keep them there! Their colors will add a beautifully imperfect touch. Lay the branches between the pumpkins and more candles. Finish the look with the necessities: layering rattan chargers, plates, silverware, and napkins.

The Updated Table

If you’re looking to brighten up your Thanksgiving table, opt for a tablescape with a fresher look. Dress bowls or baskets with any combination of apples, lemons, limes, oranges and acorn squash. Using a white table runner, disperse silver dollar eucalyptus and potted baby’s breath. Next, place preserved boxwood bowls over the eucalyptus. If you have more citrus and acorn squash on hand, use them to fill in the areas that look sparse. Once again, finish the look with the necessities: layering glassware, plates, silverware, and napkins.

The Traditional Table

Nothing beats a classic fall table. Start yours by placing a solid table runner of your choosing (fall or cream colors only) across your table. Follow with a bed of magnolia tips directly on the table runner fabric. Then arrange acorn squash around the magnolia tips. Grab your favorite mercury glasses (silvered glass candle holders that do not actually contain mercury or silver) and disperse them down the table, placing an individual soy wax candle/melt in each one. Scatter remaining acorns and mini gourds as you see fit to fill the holes on your tablescape. Then complete the look with tall, white unscented candles. Let their wax drip directly onto the runner for a vintage touch on a classic table.

For an even more interesting combination of shapes and textures, fill the runner with silver dollar eucalyptus leaves, star pods and squash. Insert extra touches of green, incorporate geodes, leaf skeletons or air plants. Complete the table by filling glass jars with hazelnuts supporting long, thin unscented candles.

Additional Hint: Use a Scrigit Scraper cleaning tool to remove candle wax from candle holders and other surfaces. It is safe to use on most surfaces, but test in an inconspicuous spot on wood and other softer surfaces.

Contributed by guest blogger Cyndi G.

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Clean Up Caked-on Messes in Your Kitchen: Here’s How

Handy Hints for Cleaning Up Food Spatters and Caked-on Messes

Your kitchen will get dusty, grimy and in need of a deep cleaning because you spend more time there than in any other room. Since it’s full of hard to reach places, clean-up can get tricky! We’ve narrowed in on two of the toughest areas to clean areas in your kitchen so you don’t have to… Here’s how you knock out your kitchen’s caked-on messes.

stovetop - caked-on messesA Caked-On, Greasy Stove Top

Busy cooks know the struggle of cleaning a stove top, especially after your hard labored dishes boil over into the coils and trays. Grease cooked onto the stove is one of the most challenging messes to clean up in your kitchen.

The ideal time to act? When the mess has just occurred and the stove top has gently cooled. Grab your Scrigit Scraper cleaning tool, a non-scratch scrubber sponge, a microfiber cloth and warm soapy water. Absorb any grease with the paper towels. Make sure to frequently switch to new paper towels to avoid spreading the grease to new locations. Once most of the grease is cleaned, circle back with your sponge and soapy water to tackle the mess cooked onto the stove. Squeeze the sudsy water over the stain, then let it sit for 3-5 minutes. Start by scrubbing with the scrubbing side of the sponge. Then follow up by scraping off hard to remove dried food and grease spots with the flat end of your Scrigit Scraper. Also use the tool to clean around the edges.

Shine with a fresh microfiber cloth once all of the caked-on food stains have been removed.

A Sauce-Splattered Microwave

It’s happened to all of us. Food goes flying in the microwave when we decide to rewarm a bowl of saucy food and forget to cover the plate with wax paper or plastic wrap. For the moments when you forget to use a splatter guard or the splatter guard fails, don’t stress!

Place a cup of water with lemon slices in a microwave safe bowl or glass measuring cup. Microwave the concoction for two minutes then let it sit (without opening the door) for another two minutes. The lemon will deodorize naturally, and the water will steam soften the cooked on food particles. When you open the door, quickly wipe away any softened sauce and food inside your appliance. Once you’ve done so, follow up with your Scrigit Scraper to easily scrape away any remaining mess. You’ll have a fresh microwave in minutes!

Don’t forget, as with any surface in your home, frequent cleaning is always best to avoid caked-on messes. Wherever you face a buildup challenge, keep your Scrigit Scraper easily accessible! Our packs come in multiples of two or five so you can keep one wherever you need it for quick and easy cleanups.

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3 Forgotten Chores to Include in Your Fall Cleaning

Helpful Fall Cleaning & Safety Tips for Your Transition Indoors

There’s no denying it; fall is HERE. Leaves are changing, nights are cooler, and seasonal chores are upon us. Soon enough, you’ll be snuggling under blankets and spending a LOT more time indoors… So grab your fall cleaning list: We’ve got a few seasonal “must-dos” to get your home primed and prepped for winter.fall cleaning tasks

Clean Your Kitchen & Bathroom Grout

By now, that bright white grout of yours is showing every single summertime stain and blemish, such as black mildew stains. It’s super hard to keep clean on a regular basis, so add this task to your fall cleaning list.

To clean, use your Scrigit Scraper cleaning tool to scrape off any soap scum and other substances stuck to the grout. Also use the tool to clean corners, edges and the shower door track. Then use a spray bottle containing equal parts vinegar and water. Spray the solution on your kitchen and bathroom tiles and grout. Let it sit for at least five minutes. Scrub your grout with a narrow grout scrub brush or a toothbrush and the tile with a scrubber pad. Then rinse.

For remaining stains, create a mixture of equal parts chlorine or oxygen bleach and hot tap water in a plastic container. While wearing rubber or plastic gloves and old clothes, dip strips of paper towels or toilet paper in the solution and carefully place on the stained grout. Make sure you have plenty of ventilation when using chlorine bleach. Let sit for about 15 to 20 minutes. Lift some of the wet paper off to see if the stains are gone. If not leave on another 5 to 10 minutes. Then rinse off.

Clean Your Keyboards & Remote Controls

Once winter comes, you’ll probably be spending a lot more time curled up in front of your computer and TV. So prep the surfaces you’ll touch most. Use a dry cloth to wipe away all visible articles from your remotes and keyboards. Then follow up with a pre-moistened disinfecting wipe. Wipe down the entire surface of each item, but don’t forget the details! Use your Scrigit Scraper with the wipe around the flat tip to reach into each and every crevice. There’s likely to be food particles and dried, sticky residue left from snacking (and any other “messy” activities we get into on a daily basis.

Check & Replace Smoke Alarm Batteries

It’s one of the most important chores on our TO DO list, but it’s also the most easily forgotten. Your smoke alarm will chirp when it’s time to change the battery, which almost always happens to be in the middle of the night or when we’re rushing out the door. Avoid the stress altogether by replacing the batteries every six months. Remove the cover, then unclip the old battery from its holder. Most detectors utilize a 9-volt battery. If you struggle to remove the battery connector, grab the flat end of your Scrigit Scraper to pop loose the battery. Then immediately replace it with a fresh one. If your smoke alarm is more than 10-years old, then replace it with a new one, preferably with a sealed-in 10-year battery.

Don’t leave the deep-cleaning to springtime! Enjoy your time indoors this upcoming winter by taking a few steps during your fall cleaning to ensure it’s a clean, safe space. Keep your Scrigit Scrapers nearby to ensure you’re always able to tackle the job – – – and enjoy the season!

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Cleaning Tips for Home Sellers

The Intentional Mom Provides Helpful Cleaning Steps for Home Sellers and Finds a Very Useful Cleaning Tool

Tips for home sellersHome sellers can learn a lot from blogger Jennifer, The Intentional Mom. She is a mom of nine children, a blogger, an author and much more.  Jennifer knows how to get a lot of work done in the least amount of time. She has to be efficient.

When she got ready to put her house up for sale, she knew that she had to get the house ready to sell with a limited amount of time that she could spend on the process. “Having a home that is fresh, clean, and inviting for potential buyers can make all the difference,” stated Jennifer. “The goal is to sell your house for the most money in the least amount of time.”

Her blog focuses on 10 things that home sellers should be sure to clean before putting their house on the market. All the cleaning tips are based on her years writing about home cleaning and organizing and actually getting her house ready to sell.

Scrigit Scraper to the Rescue

One of the things she learned from her recent intensive home cleaning, and even before that, is how a Scrigit Scraper should be an essential part of your cleaning supplies. “This amazing tool has been a lifesaver,” said Jennifer in an email. “The Scrigit Scraper helped me get paint drips off my wood floor, remove stickers from the inside of my cupboards, and even scrape of dried gum from the inside of the clothes dryer.”  She went on to say, “My husband used the scraper tool to help re-screen some windows, and I used it to remove some old caulk out of my shower.”

Most people, such as Jennifer, keep finding new uses for Scrigit Scrapers. “I cannot tell you the number of times over the past year that my kids have come to me with some kind of problem and my response is, ‘Just go get the Scrigit Scraper.'”

Check Out Her Blog

Scrigit cleaning slider tracksIn her blog, 10 Things You Must Clean to Get Your Home Ready to Sell, Jennifer starts out in the kitchen cleaning appliances and then cupboards, cabinets and drawers in the kitchen and bathrooms. She provides tips about what to use for cleaning each item or area and includes links to other articles that provide more details.

Each of her 10 steps covers different parts of the house. Jennifer includes major items that need to be cleaned, such as the carpets. She also covers areas that are often overlooked by home sellers, such as sliding door and window tracks and ceiling lines. Take a look at the blog for Jennifer’s top 10 list and use it or modify it for your particular situation. For example, if you just replaced the kitchen appliances, you can happily skip the first step.

As Jennifer concludes, “When all of the little known things are nice and clean, your home will stand out above the rest.”

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Get Creative with Picture Frames!

Turn Old Picture Frames into Wall Art and Craft Pieces

Looking for new ways to decorate your home? Or maybe you need a gift for the person who has everything? Well, look no further than your local yard sale, flea market, basement, or attic for inspiration! Old picture frames can be used to create new wall art, frame new or old photos and paintings, make unique serving trays, add wainscoting to a wall, and can even be used by themselves. When used creatively, open picture frames can add a whimsical or contemporary touch to your home. So when the glass breaks in your favorite frame, don’t throw it away—add a little paint and give it new life!stacks of picture frames

Note that some prep work may be involved. For example, you may have to remove varnish or existing paint. If that’s the case, be sure to have light-grade sandpaper (120 grit), tack cloth, and a Scrigit Scraper™ on hand to thoroughly clean the corners, edges and grooves.  Once you have your frames ready, here’s three ways to put them to new use.

Group Open Frames for Instant Art

Take your mix of picture frames and group them on a wall. It helps if the frames are different sizes and widths, to add interest.  For a classic or contemporary look, paint the frames the same color. For more whimsy, mix colors as above. You can use spray paint or latex, but be sure to follow manufacturer’s instructions for ventilation and drying time. If you’re not quite sure how to arrange your frames, you can find tons of ideas online. The key is to hang the frames close together, as it provides a unified look. Here is an example of open frames. You can also use open frames to frame other objects hung on the wall.

Make a Serving Tray

This requires a little more skill and some tools. Large frames (11” x 14” or larger) work best, although you can complete this project with any size. First, you’ll need to cut a piece of ¼” plywood the same size as the outside dimensions of the back of the frame. Next, affix the wood to the back of the frame with ½” brad nails, spaced approximately 2” apart. Paint the entire piece and allow to dry. Finally, affix a drawer pull on each of the shorter sides of the frame (you may have to drill pilot holes). You can gather more inspiration here.wall with picture frames for wainscoting

Update your Dining Room (or Any Room!)

This project requires multiples of the same frames, at least 16” x 20”. To create a shadowbox wainscot, you will need to measure the space and mark where you want the frames to go. Some people like spacing, as shown in the photo, while others like the design more pronounced by buttressing the frames. Have fun with it! You can paint the frames a different color than your wall, or paint them all the same color for more subtlety. The chair rail is optional.

Not feeling so creative or adventurous? This site may get your artistic juices flowing with tons of ideas for your old frames!

Contributed by guest blogger Cyndi G.

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Northern California ACE Stores Feature Scrigit Scraper

Scrigits in Paradise (Northern California Version)

A group of ACE Hardware stores in Northern California are including the pen-shaped non-scratch Scrigit™ Scraper cleaning tool in their print and online advertising this weekend (August 10-13) as part of ACE Hardware’s 5,000 store celebration. The stores are locally owned singularly or in small groups. The stores are supported by an organization called NorCal that provides advertising and other services.

Thomas Ace Hardware in Paradise, California now carries Scrigit Scrapers and has been providing hardware and other merchandise along with superior customer service since 1927. Family owned since 1908, Sacramento’s Emigh “Call me Amy” ACE Hardware has been developing a lot of Scrigit Scraper fans since 2016.Emigh Hardware store - Northern California

Other Northern California stores that carry Scrigit Scrapers include: Arnold ACE Home Center, Capitol Ace Hardware in Sacramento, Carmichael ACE Hardware, Corning ACE Hardware, Garrett ACE Hardware in Winsor and Healdsburg, Granite Bay ACE Hardware, Greenhaven ACE Hardware in Sacramento, Guerneville Fulton ACE in Santa Rosa, Harshbarger ACE in Gridley, McCoy’s Farm & Ranch Supply in Corning, Orland ACE Hardware, Pacific ACE in Vacaville and Winters, Roseville ACE Hardware, Schemper’s ACE in Ripon, Sender’s Market in Mountain Ranch, Sender’s ACE Hardware in Valley Springs, Suison ACE Hardware, and Van’s ACE Hardware in Tracy.NorCal Ace ad in Northern California

The Scrigit Scraper is a versatile pen-shaped cleaning tool that provides a safe, quick, and convenient way to remove small amounts of unwanted substances from household and automotive surfaces, edges and grooves. The tool makes cleaning jobs faster and easier while not damaging the surfaces being cleaned. People often use their fingernails, which can easily be damaged, or knives or screwdrivers, which can scratch the surfaces being cleaned.

Made in the U.S.A., the Scrigit Scraper can be used instead of fingernails and metal tools to quickly clean off small spots of substances, such as dried food, candle wax, dirt, latex paint splatters, and adhesive stickers and labels. The small size and shape make it practical to keep the scraper wherever it is needed, such as the kitchen, bathroom, workshop, office, car, purse and pocket, so it can be grabbed quickly when needed. There is no other product like it.

If you live in Northern California, please ask for Scrigit Scrapers at your favorite locally owned hardware store and check out all of the ACE 5,000 Store Celebration deals at the stores listed above. Buy Scrigit Scrapers for yourself and to use as gifts.


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RV Lifestyle Magazines Feature Scrigit Scraper

Escapees is Second RV Lifestyle Magazine to Feature Scrigit Scraper

In their July/August 2018 issue, Escapees, a magazine dedicated to “sharing the RV Lifestyle,” included the pen-shaped non-scratch Scrigit™ Scraper cleaning tool in their brief list of highlighted products. Last August, Family Motor Coaching, another leading magazine covering the motorhome lifestyle also featured the Scrigit Scraper as an essential tool for people with recreational vehicles.

RV lifestyle - RV on mountain road

Source: Escapees Blog

The Scrigit Scraper is ideal for motorhomes where space is limited and weight is always a consideration. The plastic tool is about the size of a pen, so it takes up little room and weighs very little. In addition, the scraper has a wide range of uses, which is ideal for anything carried in a motorhome.

The versatile tool is about the size of a pen but with two different scraper tips. On one end is a round-edged scraper, based on the shape of a fingernail. On the other end is a flat-edged scraper. A Scrigit Scraper can remove unwanted substances, such as dried food, candle wax, accumulated grime, and adhesive labels and tape, from household and vehicle surfaces, whether flat or curved, including Plexiglas windows. The tool reaches into tight spaces, corners, edges and grooves. It is safe to use on most surfaces, keeps you from damaging your fingernails, and is made in the U.S.A.

Here is what one happy Scrigit customer had to say. “This is a brilliant invention! So simple, but it is perfect for cleaning hard to reach areas (around faucets, knobs, etc). It doesn’t scratch the surface.”

Another Scrigit customer said, “The first evening the scrapers were in the house, I used one to remove some cooking debris that soaking wouldn’t solve and Scrigit was my hero. I seem to find something every few hours for which Scrigit saves my fingernails. Really appreciate that these scrapers do not mark finishes. Suggest all purchase these.”

Escapees magazine coverEscapees magazine, published by the Escapees RV Club, is packed with useful, entertaining, and specialized information on all aspects of RVing. The Escapees RV Club is dedicated to supporting the RV lifestyle with everything needed to make it easier, more affordable, safer, and fun! Members enjoy a comprehensive suite of discounts and support services, as well as numerous education options and access to a friendly and supportive community of RVers.

Family Motor Coaching magazine is the leading publication covering the motorhome lifestyle.The magazine is published by the Family Motor Coach Association (FMCA), an international organization of families who own motorhomes and enjoy their recreational use. The term motorhome is often used interchangeably with motor coach, RV and campervans, though the terms are not entirely synonymous.

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Best Way to Stop Breaking Fingernails

Avoid Breaking Fingernails by Using a Handy Scrigit Scraper

Do you have problems with breaking fingernails or damaging your manicure? Many people use their fingernails as a quick and convenient tool to remove small spots of dried food, candle wax, dirt, and many other substances, because the nails are attached to our hands and always available.no breaking fingernails

However, fingernails can also be easily broken for most people. For women who use nail polish or have artificial nails, these nice manicures can be chipped and generally ruined by scraping. Longer nails, whether natural or artificial, are often more fragile or just shaped in a way that they don’t make good scrapers. There is also that awful feeling of the substance being scraped wedging under your fingernail (yuck). There are also some unwanted substances and locations, such as around the base of a toilet, where you just do not want to put your fingers (yuck again).

The unique rounded tip of the Scrigit Scraper is designed to replicate the appearance and functionality of a fingernail but is much sturdier. (The Scrigit name is a combination of scraper and digit, as in a finger.) The fingernail shape of the Scrigit Scraper is great at scraping off unwanted substances, removing adhesive labels and stickers, and getting into grooves and edges. You can also use the tool in places where you don’t want to put your fingers or your fingers just can’t reach. The plastic material of the scraper is about the same hardness of a fingernail, so it won’t damage most surfaces, but much more durable overall. Using the Scrigit Scraper instead of your fingernails allows you to save time and effort when cleaning and protects your fingernails.Scrigit rounded tip avoids breaking fingernails

If you do nick or dull the Scrigit Scraper while trying to remove harder substances, you can use an emery board or very fine sandpaper to restore the edges.

In addition, the flat-edged top end of the Scrigit Scraper can be used to quickly clean up somewhat larger areas on flat surfaces or along edges and in grooves where fingernails are not as effective.

Many bloggers agree about using a Scrigit Scraper to keep from breaking fingernails. Here is what one blogger has to say. Let us know how you are using or thinking of using the Scrigit Scraper. Share photos.

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Preserve Your Vacation with a Scrapbook!

Helpful Tips on Creating a Scrapbook for Your Vacation Memories

Summer is a season for travel— whether you love splashing at the beach, camping in the woods, visiting landmarks, or experiencing other cultures abroad— the warmer weather is favorable for vacations. And for most of us, the experiences are captured in pictures and videos. So why not commemorate your events and experiences in a scrapbook. They’re easy to make, and create a story around the pictures you hold dear.Scrapbook supplies

Scrapbooks do not have to be elaborate. Start with a visit to your local craft store, where you will find an abundance of books in all sizes, textures, and colors. Smaller books are great for single events or trips, but larger books allow you to place more photos. The typical sizes are 8” square and 12” square.

Next, you‘ll need to choose some scrapbook paper. The papers really spruce up a page, and are designed in various colors, textures, and prints. The options are endless!

You will also need some type of acid-free adhesive meant for use with photos, whether it’s a glue stick, adhesive dots, or tape. Be sure to select acid-free to protect your photos long-term.

You may use a basic pair of scissors, but decorative scissors allows you to cut designs rather than straight lines, with little effort.

You may find yourself perusing stickers as well. You might also want to add ticket stubs from places you visited and clippings from brochures. These and other embellishments can help make a page pop and look more whimsical.

Once you have all of your supplies, you will need to print your pictures. Take time to select the ones you really want to showcase; this is also the perfect time to clean out all of the duplicates you may have in your phone or on your camera.

Create your layout prior to using adhesive. You can cut out your stickers and embellishments with the backing still adhered. Play around with it, keeping in mind that you’re telling a story. Start with the first day of your vacation, or the few days leading up to it. As you layer your photos and paper and embellishments, remember to leave space to write the story. It doesn’t have to be long, but a few sentences will memorialize your feelings while the occasion is still fresh in your mind.

When you have the page set up the way you want it to look, take a picture of it with your phone so that you can recreate it. Start with the background paper; whether you are using a full or partial sheet, you will need to glue it down. Apply the adhesive along the outermost edges of the paper, and then carefully place the paper where you’d like it.  Once you have pressed it in place, use the flat edge of a Scrigit Scraper™ to more firmly adhere the paper to the page.

Continue layering your page with your photos and embellishments. You can write your story when everything is dry, or else write it on a piece of paper or card stock and adhere it to the page as well.

Be creative! Remember, this is your story, so it can be as simple or fancy as you’d like. Most of all, have fun creating your scrapbook!

You can check out videos on scrapbooking, or look here to get started with digital scrapbooking.

Contributed by guest blogger Cyndi G.


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