Best Way to Stop Breaking Fingernails

Avoid Breaking Fingernails by Using a Handy Scrigit Scraper

Do you have problems with breaking fingernails or damaging your manicure? Many people use their fingernails as a quick and convenient tool to remove small spots of dried food, candle wax, dirt, and many other substances, because the nails are attached to our hands and always breaking fingernails

However, fingernails can also be easily broken for most people. For women who use nail polish or have artificial nails, these nice manicures can be chipped and generally ruined by scraping. Longer nails, whether natural or artificial, are often more fragile or just shaped in a way that they don’t make good scrapers. There is also that awful feeling of the substance being scraped wedging under your fingernail (yuck). There are also some unwanted substances and locations, such as around the base of a toilet, where you just do not want to put your fingers (yuck again).

The unique rounded tip of the Scrigit Scraper is designed to replicate the appearance and functionality of a fingernail but is much sturdier. (The Scrigit name is a combination of scraper and digit, as in a finger.) The fingernail shape of the Scrigit Scraper is great at scraping off unwanted substances, removing adhesive labels and stickers, and getting into grooves and edges. You can also use the tool in places where you don’t want to put your fingers or your fingers just can’t reach. The plastic material of the scraper is about the same hardness of a fingernail, so it won’t damage most surfaces, but much more durable overall. Using the Scrigit Scraper instead of your fingernails allows you to save time and effort when cleaning and protects your fingernails.Scrigit rounded tip avoids breaking fingernails

If you do nick or dull the Scrigit Scraper while trying to remove harder substances, you can use an emery board or very fine sandpaper to restore the edges.

In addition, the flat-edged top end of the Scrigit Scraper can be used to quickly clean up somewhat larger areas on flat surfaces or along edges and in grooves where fingernails are not as effective.

Many bloggers agree about using a Scrigit Scraper to keep from breaking fingernails. Here is what one blogger has to say. Let us know how you are using or thinking of using the Scrigit Scraper. Share photos.

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