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5 Moments You Need a Scrigit™ Scraper – Mom Edition

Life with kids makes messes a guarantee, from food to paint, dirty bathrooms and more. It’s all sure to cause some serious wear and tear on your home. But the facts are hard to deny – nothing feels better than

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How to Remove Tree Sap from Your Car

A Scrigit Handy Household Hint If you discover that you parked your car or truck under a tree that drips sap, you quickly realize that you have a major cleaning task ahead of you. This might be at home or

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Scrigit Scraper Reaches Tight Spaces

A Scrigit Scraper cleaning tool is often the best means of reaching into tight spaces, crevices, corners and grooves. Whether you are in the kitchen, workshop, bathroom or outside cleaning your car, there are often times when whatever you are

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