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Tips for a Cleaner House in Record Time

A Cleaner House Faster: Send dirt & gunk packing with tips your mother will steal! We all love a spotless home – but with hectic workdays and kids’ extracurricular activities, it’s tough to dedicate much time to cleaning. These tried

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How to Clean Your Single-Serve Coffee Maker

Keep Your Coffee Flowing Whether you use a Keurig or another brand of single-serve coffee maker that uses K-cups, regular cleaning is needed to keep the appliance working properly. Minerals in your water will build up inside the machine and

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Snow Creates Fun for Scrigit Scrapers

Winter Storm ‪#‎Jonas‬ that hit Maryland with 2 to 3 feet of snow was actually fun and exciting for the Scrigits. Since they are from Florida, they were very eager to go and play in the snow and, of course,

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Household Things You Should be Cleaning

There are an amazing number of things around your house that need to be cleaned. Just in case you don’t already feel overwhelmed trying to keep up with all your household cleaning tasks, the BuzzFeed website published a list of

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Best Way to Clean Up Candle Wax

Candles are very popular this month with the holidays and need to brighten up the long hours of darkness around the time of the winter solstice. The holidays of Hanukkah and Kwanzaa involve  lighting candles over multiple nights. Though hopefully

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Quick Tip for Cleaning Ceiling Fans

A very clever cleaning tip for removing dust from ceiling fans appeared in home improvement legend Bob Vila’s website. Dust on ceiling fan blades falls into that “out of sight – out of mind” category. When you do finally take

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CDC Warns of Dangers from Grill-Cleaning Brushes

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) issued warnings about the dangers of ingesting broken pieces of metal bristles from wire grill cleaning brushes. As you prepare your outdoor grill for the last few barbecues of the season using

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Housecleaning Uses for Toothpaste

If you are looking for a way to clean off scuff marks on athletic shoes and floors and other household surfaces, or even polish silver, toothpaste might be an overlooked but very handy solution. Toothpaste is good at cleaning teeth

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Best Way of Removing Labels from Boxes

Here are helpful tips for removing labels from boxes. Whenever possible, I reuse the boxes that are sent to me. Boxes that can’t be reused are recycled. When reusing the box, any label with bar codes needs to be removed.

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Bathroom Cleaning Tips, Part 2

Here is the second installment of bathroom cleaning tips showing how the non-scratch Scrigit Scraper can make cleaning the bathroom easier. If you use bar soap, I am sure that you find that a layer of dried soap builds up

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