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Best Way to Remove Adhesive Stickers, Labels, Tape

Scrigit - remove adhesive sticker

Use Handy Scraper Tools to Remove Adhesive Stickers, Labels and Tape Adhesive stickers, labels and tape are always difficult to remove, but Scrigit Scrapers are up to the challenge. There are stubbornly attached price labels on many products, except those

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Handy Hints for Getting Back to School Ready

Quickly and Safely Remove Unwanted Stickers and other Back to School Tips With Summer coming to an end, it means that the days of waking up the kids early are just around the corner. Back to School also means getting

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Best Way to Remove Adhesive Labels

Are you looking for the best way to remove adhesive labels, stickers and tape? The self-adhesive label and similar products are definitely convenient for the person putting them on surfaces, whether they are price stickers, product labels, prescription labels, or

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Scrigit Scraper Gift Ideas Using Stickers

One of our customers was thinking about gift ideas and decided on customized Scrigit Scrapers. A package of Scrigit Scrapers makes a great gift because it has so many uses for cleaning, crafts, DIY projects, automobile and motorcycle detailing, and

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