Month: November 2015

Specialty Kitchen Store Carries Scrigit Scraper

They Will be Scrigiting in Sheboygan The Relish Kitchen Store in downtown Sheboygan, Wisconsin is the first kitchenware store to carry the Scrigit Scraper cleaning tool. Relish is a unique cook’s store featuring a wide variety of innovative cookware, cutlery,

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Best Cleaning Products – Non-scratch Cleansers

Many items around the house develop stains, discolorations, or dirty films that regular spray cleaners just don’t remove very effectively, if at all. You might have coffee or tea stains on cups and mugs. There might be gray marks on

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News Article about Scrigit Scraper Cleaning Tool

Olney man’s handy invention replicates mom’s fingernails A very nice news article about the Scrigit Scraper cleaning tool was published in The Greater Olney News. Olney is located in Montgomery County, Maryland, which is north of Washington, DC. The Greater

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9 Tips for Keeping Your Home Clean

Here are some house cleaning tips from Good Housekeeping and some of the cleaning and organizing experts they interviewed. I think the main point that comes out of the article is to limit the amount of time for each simple

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Handy Hints: Cleaning Kitchen Floors

Kitchen floors gather a lot of mysterious spots of often unknown substances. All of a sudden when you walk in the kitchen there is some pea to coin size spot of something stuck to the floor. It might even be

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How to Remove Tree Sap from Your Car

A Scrigit Handy Household Hint If you discover that you parked your car or truck under a tree that drips sap, you quickly realize that you have a major cleaning task ahead of you. This might be at home or

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