Wide tip

Use the wide, flat edge of Scrigit® for scraping off larger spots or areas of unwanted materials. Scrape away buildup in hard-to-clean areas. Use the tips of the wide blade instead of toothpicks for cleaning crevices.

  • Flat Surfaces
  • Larger Areas
  • Window/Door Tracks
  • Labels, Stickers & Tape
  • Thin Cracks
Scrigit round tip

The rounded wedge scraper acts like a fingernail, but without the risk of breakage. It’s perfect for scraping off small spots from flat and curved surfaces. Need to open a shrink-wrapped package? Reach for a Scrigit® !

  • Curved Surfaces
  • Cookware
  • Sinks & Toilets
  • Labels, Stickers & Tape
  • Smaller Spots
Flat tip

The flat-edged shape scraper is best for cleaning off slightly larger spots or areas of unwanted materials, particularly on flat surfaces. It scrapes away buildup in hard-to-clean areas where most ordinary sponges and wipes cannot reach.

  • Flat Surfaces
  • Larger Areas
  • Plumbing Putty
  • Tight Edges
  • Window & Door Tracks

The many ways to use your Scrigit® Scraper!

Edges getting dull or worn down?

Your Scrigit edges can be restored easily by filing them down with fine sandpaper or an emery board.