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13 Things to Never Put in the Dishwasher

Don’t Damage these Items in the Dishwasher! Dishwashers are great for cleaning off grease and bits of food from your dishes and many other kitchen items and then drying them. But there are some items you use in the kitchen

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9 Important Tips for Fireplace Safety

Enjoy Your Fireplace Safely A fireplace burning brightly in your house creates a cozy and relaxing feeling. Although, fireplaces can be beautiful and  soothing, they can also be dangerous. For safe and responsible enjoyment, you need proper maintenance and common

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Handy Hints: Cleaning Kitchen Floors

Kitchen floors gather a lot of mysterious spots of often unknown substances. All of a sudden when you walk in the kitchen there is some pea to coin size spot of something stuck to the floor. It might even be

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How to Remove Tree Sap from Your Car

A Scrigit Handy Household Hint If you discover that you parked your car or truck under a tree that drips sap, you quickly realize that you have a major cleaning task ahead of you. This might be at home or

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Quick Tip for Cleaning Ceiling Fans

A very clever cleaning tip for removing dust from ceiling fans appeared in home improvement legend Bob Vila’s website. Dust on ceiling fan blades falls into that “out of sight – out of mind” category. When you do finally take

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Big 10 Fall Home Maintenance Tasks

With winter fast approaching, there are many home and yard maintenance and repair tasks that should be done. Here are some of the items you might want to put on your to-do list. Lawn – The fall is the best

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Replacement Windows Hints

As winter approaches bringing very cold temperatures to large parts of the U.S., you should consider replacing old drafty windows. Replacing the old windows in our house was one of the best household investments we ever made. The windows in

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Scrigit Helpful Hints – Refrigerators

Our aging refrigerator occasionally develops ice inside the mechanism that controls the amount of cold air from the freezer that goes through the refrigerator section to maintain the correct temperature in each one. Instead of manual controls used in most

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Scrigit Handy Household Hints – GFI

Ground Fault Interrupter Safety A Ground Fault Interrupter (GFI) is an electrical safety device designed to protect people from electrical shock, so proper maintenance is important. These special outlets have been regularly included in houses built or remodeled since the

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Microwave Oven Safety Tips

As explained in the following post, we are so used to using microwave ovens that we forget the dangers they could pose. They can overheat and burn foods if left on too long. Any bits of metal, even decorative edges

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