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5 Ways to Clean Your Kitchen without Toxic Chemicals

Avoid Using Toxic Chemicals to Clean Your Kitchen Take a look at the ingredients list of any commercial household cleaner and you will find a collection of words that are practically unpronounceable.  We typically use harsh cleansers to disinfect and

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Today.com Features Scrigit Scraper for Kitchen Cleaning

Scrigit™ Scraper is a Featured Tool on Today.com for Cleaning the Grossest Kitchen Spots On November 1st, Today.com published an article providing expert kitchen cleaning advice from Stephanie Sisco, the Home Editor for Real Simple magazine. She was a guest on

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Handy Cleaning Tool You Didn’t Know You Needed

Handy Cleaning Tool and Label Scraper Has Hundreds of Uses Getting rid of tough grit, grime and dirt can be a true challenge – especially during today’s hectic lifestyles! When you and your kids are on the go, messes are

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