Scrigit™ Scraper is a Featured Tool on for Cleaning the Grossest Kitchen Spotsstove cleaning photo from

On November 1st, published an article providing expert kitchen cleaning advice from Stephanie Sisco, the Home Editor for Real Simple magazine. She was a guest on the Kathie Lee and Hoda portion of NBC’s TODAY show. Ms. Sisco presented tips for cleaning some of the dirtiest spots in the kitchen in preparation for the holidays. The tips were based on the article she wrote in the November issue of Real Simple titled “How to Clean the Trickiest and Ickiest Kitchen Spots.” In this article, she recommends using the Scrigit™ Scraper for cleaning three of the kitchen’s dirtiest spots based on recommendations from certified cleaning expert and author Donna Smallin Kuper and others.

Scrigit cleaning shelf seam

Scrigit Cleaning Fridge Shelf

Based on Ms. Sisco’s appearance on the show and the magazine article, published an article called, “How to clean 6 germ-infested spots hiding in plain sight in your kitchen.” The first of the spots, Refrigerator-shelf Seams, features the handy pen-shaped non-scratch cleaning tool, the Scrigit Scraper. This handy tool is described as being hand-picked by the editorial staff because they love it. They describe the Scrigit Scraper as being a handy tool for cleaning hard to reach areas.  Sadly, this segment of the actual show featured the wrong cleaning tool due to a mix up. The narrow pen shape of the Scrigit Scraper with two different style scraper tips make it ideal for cleaning shelf seams and a wide range of tasks throughout the kitchen and the whole house.

Check out the website to see the article for yourself. Also see my prior blog article about the Scrigit Scraper being featured in Real Simple.