Handy Cleaning Tool You Didn’t Know You Needed

Handy Cleaning Tool and Label Scraper Has Hundreds of Uses

Getting rid of tough grit, grime and dirt can be a true challenge – especially during today’s hectic lifestyles! When you and your kids are on the go, messes are sure to follow. Get smart with a single handy cleaning tool that can handle your trickiest cleaning problems.

The Scrigit™-Scraper is your one-stop-shop tool, with super versatile edges that make it perfect for inside, outside, and on the go cleaning. Reach into tight spaces, grooves and crevices, even keep it on hand for arts and crafts! A few favorite uses:handy cleaning tool scraping label

Removing Labels and Stickers
Grab the rounded edge of your Scrigit™-Scraper to scrape away those pesky adhesive labels and price stickers on your favorite new purchases. This edge of the tool is designed to mimic your fingernail (only better!); making it perfect for lifting up the edges of stickers and labels without tearing them into lots of little pieces. You can then grab hold and pull off the rest.

Cleaning Out the Fridge
Yes, we all have to do it once in a while! Sticky sauces and almost impossible to remove syrups are lingering inside. Your new tool will make this clean-up a breeze. Use the rounded end to remove thick blobs and to reach super tough to hit corners. Then flip to the flat end for scraping away at entire shelves. You’ll have the fridge ready to go in very little time.

Removing Candle Wax
It may be your household’s biggest foe (we know it’s one of ours). Candle wax is tricky to remove and oozes everywhere! Let it dry, then use the flat edge of your Scrigit™-Scraper to scrape away the entire mess. This flat edge is designed specifically for larger messes, so you won’t wear yourself out.

Cleaning Grime from Corners and Edges
In a busy kitchen, grime builds up along the edges and in the corners of counter tops and floors. Grease from cooking combines with food particles and dirt brought in from all the people walking (and running) through the kitchen. Your handy cleaning tool known as the Scrigit™-Scraper makes it easy to quickly remove the grime from corners and edges.mess-free edges with Scrigit Scraper

The possibilities are endless with the Scrigit™-Scraper: from car detailing to arts & crafts. This handy cleaning tool is perfect for storing everywhere you spend your time, because life’s messes happen everywhere. It’s specifically designed to work almost everywhere around your home and vehicles. Watch our How It Works video for even more ideas!

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