Get Ready for the Winter with These 10 Fall Outdoor Cleanup Tasks

For much of the country, autumn produces beautiful foliage— a brief transition between the warm summer days and cold winter nights.  It is a good time to clean up the remnants of summertime fun and prepare for the harsher impending climate.  Handling these fall outdoor cleanup tasks could save you time and money rather than waiting for “spring cleaning.”

ladder by house for fall outdoor cleanup


Regardless of whether you use your grill year-round, fall is the perfect time to give the grill a thorough cleaning after a summer full of cookouts and tailgates.  Use a wire grill brush, which is in good condition, to scrape the grates. In addition, use a pen-shaped non-scratch (for most household surfaces) Scrigit Scraper to loosen any stuck-on grime before giving everything a complete wipe down.  If you are storing your grill, be sure to use an appropriate grill cover.

Window and Doors

Check windows and doors for loose or missing caulk.  A weak seal around windows and doors can result in cold winter drafts and cost you hundreds of dollars in heating bills!  Use a Scrigit Scraper to pry up any deteriorating caulk, and make sure that the spaces are dry before applying new caulk.  This helps avoid sealing in moisture.

Scrigit cleaning slider tracksWash exterior house windows. Use your Scrigit Scraper to clean sliding glass door and window tracks with no scrubbing by following these directions.


Air Conditioners

Remove window cooling units and wipe down before storing.  Use a Scrigit Scraper to remove any debris on the unit, as well as in the window sill.  Remember to clean the filters! Remove leaves and debris from outdoor air conditioning units.

Gutters and Downspouts

leaves in house gutterCheck the gutters and downspouts for debris.  With the falling leaves and heavy rains in some areas, debris may accumulate quickly and require you to clean them out a few times through the season.

Weather Stripping

Check weather-stripping around entry doors and garage doors.  Replace if needed.

Exterior Paint and Trim

Touch up exterior trim and paint.  If you were planning on painting your entire house, many experts recommend waiting until late spring or early summer, when the temperatures are more cooperative for drying.  However, autumn is the time to check for loose paint on trim (e.g., window and door frames) and to touch up spots as needed.  Use a Scrigit Scraper to remove loose, flaking paint before lightly sanding and repainting.


If you have a fireplace, wood burning stove, or pellet stove, schedule a professional cleaning company to service the chimney before you start burning for the winter.

Trees and Plantings

As your greenery goes dormant, trim overgrown trees.  Don’t prune your perennials yet— wait until the first frost.  But remove all of the dead annuals from your flowerbeds.

Hoses and Sprinklers

Drain and store garden hoses and sprinklers. Have your built-in sprinkler system winterized by a professional company.

Exterior Openings

Walk around the perimeter of your house and check for any small holes that may be enticing for mice and spiders to gain access.  Seal those with the appropriate material following manufacturer’s instructions for your structure.

Once all of your fall outdoor cleanup tasks are complete, settle inside to prepare for the upcoming holidays and winter season!