Use Award Winning Scrigit Scrapers for Useful Gift Items and Stocking Stuffers

The original blue Scrigit Scraper and the newer green wide-blade Scrigit Scraper are popular gift items, gift basket fillers, and stocking stuffers. These handy pen-sized non-scratch tools have hundreds of uses for both men and women. As newer items, people receiving these cleaning and scraping tools are not likely to already have them. However, the recipients of these thoughtful gifts will quickly find a wide range of uses for the versatile tools, such as cleaning up holiday cooking spatters in the kitchen, scraping off candle drips without damaging surfaces, and removing adhesive price tags and product labels. The tools are also great for craft projects, automobile maintenance, and DIY home repairs.Scrigits in Christmas stocking as gift

What Customers Say

Here is what one Scrigit customer said. “I have been a huge fan of the Scrigit for many years now. Everyone I know has received Scrigits from me as gifts over the years. I was so excited when you came out with the wide blade version because it gave me even more gift opportunities! Hats off . . . it is a genius invention!”

Another customer said, “I am shocked that something that seems so simple is so handy. I use it all the time to get off stickers, spots of paint left by the painters, goop on my countertops. No more ruining my nails. This would make a great stocking stuffer.”Scrigit scraping label off of blue dish

 Award Winner

LUXlife magazine, a United Kingdom based digital publication, included the Scrigit Scraper in their Perfect Gift Awards for 2023. Scrigit was chosen as the Most Innovative Cleaning Tool. “Helping with a diverse selection of tricky, sticky jobs, Scrigit LLC has come up with a tool which saves time, money, effort, and the wear and tear on our fingernails,” stated the LUXlife Nominations Team in their award announcement. See the whole announcement here. You can also check out the other award winners.Luxlife perfect gift award

See the Scrigit website  or Amazon Scrigit Store for more information. Buy Scrigits on and at many locally owned hardware stores, housewares stores, and gift shops.