Helpful Tips for Preparing for the December Holidays

Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and New Year’s Eve are just around the corner: A time filled with warm company, incredible food spreads and a whole lot of work! Spend your December holidays enjoying your loved ones and relaxing. Keep these helpful holiday hints in your repertoire for organized, stress-free (well maybe reduced stress) holidays.December holidays cheese board

Clean Your House Early

Prep work is critical for an easy and successful holiday gathering. Tidy up your house a few days leading up to the big event, your Scrigit™ Scrapers will make those difficult to clean messes you’ve been avoiding a breeze to clean up!

Cleaning kitchen edges before December holidays

  • Wash your table linens and any serving pieces and dishes that need freshening up a few days early. You’ll be grateful you knocked it out of the way.
  • Pull out a few extra Scrigit™ Scrapers and keep them convenient locations. They’re perfect for helping you knock out any unexpected tasks like popping out ice cubes from the tray, scraping away unexpected messes, cleaning off candle wax drips, removing adhesive labels,  and piercing into food packaging on the big Scrigit removing label from plate



Prep Your Food and Table the Day Before

For the hectic December holidays, getting as much done as possible the day before the big event is essential for a relaxing gathering. Plan wisely to knock out a lot of must-dos!

  • What food prep can you do ahead of time? Peel and chop your vegetables, bake your pies, and measure out your spices if possible.
  • Set out decorations. Preparing your decor still takes time! Iron and lay out your table cloth. Wash and prep your vase for fresh flowers should you have them. Use your Scrigit™ Scraper to safely remove the old dried candle wax from your candle sticks. flowers on table setting
  • Label each dish with its intended recipe. Turn the prep work into a family affair by having other household members aid in setting the table, this will help you determine where the serving dishes and table decorations will go. Make sure you don’t block the line of sight for your guests.
Plan for Leftovers

Don’t hand over your precious Pyrex or Tupperware to guests! Plan for leftovers to make cleanup after the meal even easier. Pick up some one-use foil containers, plastic tubs with lids, and zipper versions of plastic storage bags to encourage guests to take home food. Be sure to have a game plan for your leftover turkey. Try this Turkey Pot Pie recipe. “The Allrecipes community can’t get enough of the top-rated recipe. One reviewer says it has become a ‘post-holiday tradition!'” Here are more recipes for holiday leftovers.  Plastic zipper bags are perfect for storing the leftover meat.

Put cookies and cupcakes in decorative boxes to give to guests.cookie boxes

Keep your December holidays focused on fun, family and gratitude. Bring everyone together for a day of love and great food. Our prep tips will keep the holiday anxiety to a minimum. You might even find yourself volunteering to host a holiday party again next year.