Preserve Your Vacation with a Scrapbook!

Helpful Tips on Creating a Scrapbook for Your Vacation Memories

Summer is a season for travel— whether you love splashing at the beach, camping in the woods, visiting landmarks, or experiencing other cultures abroad— the warmer weather is favorable for vacations. And for most of us, the experiences are captured in pictures and videos. So why not commemorate your events and experiences in a scrapbook. They’re easy to make, and create a story around the pictures you hold dear.Scrapbook supplies

Scrapbooks do not have to be elaborate. Start with a visit to your local craft store, where you will find an abundance of books in all sizes, textures, and colors. Smaller books are great for single events or trips, but larger books allow you to place more photos. The typical sizes are 8” square and 12” square.

Next, you‘ll need to choose some scrapbook paper. The papers really spruce up a page, and are designed in various colors, textures, and prints. The options are endless!

You will also need some type of acid-free adhesive meant for use with photos, whether it’s a glue stick, adhesive dots, or tape. Be sure to select acid-free to protect your photos long-term.

You may use a basic pair of scissors, but decorative scissors allows you to cut designs rather than straight lines, with little effort.

You may find yourself perusing stickers as well. You might also want to add ticket stubs from places you visited and clippings from brochures. These and other embellishments can help make a page pop and look more whimsical.

Once you have all of your supplies, you will need to print your pictures. Take time to select the ones you really want to showcase; this is also the perfect time to clean out all of the duplicates you may have in your phone or on your camera.

Create your layout prior to using adhesive. You can cut out your stickers and embellishments with the backing still adhered. Play around with it, keeping in mind that you’re telling a story. Start with the first day of your vacation, or the few days leading up to it. As you layer your photos and paper and embellishments, remember to leave space to write the story. It doesn’t have to be long, but a few sentences will memorialize your feelings while the occasion is still fresh in your mind.

When you have the page set up the way you want it to look, take a picture of it with your phone so that you can recreate it. Start with the background paper; whether you are using a full or partial sheet, you will need to glue it down. Apply the adhesive along the outermost edges of the paper, and then carefully place the paper where you’d like it.  Once you have pressed it in place, use the flat edge of a Scrigit Scraper™ to more firmly adhere the paper to the page.

Continue layering your page with your photos and embellishments. You can write your story when everything is dry, or else write it on a piece of paper or card stock and adhere it to the page as well.

Be creative! Remember, this is your story, so it can be as simple or fancy as you’d like. Most of all, have fun creating your scrapbook!

You can check out videos on scrapbooking, or look here to get started with digital scrapbooking.

Contributed by guest blogger Cyndi G.


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