Super Spooky Fun: Halloween Crafts

You Will Enjoy Making and Displaying These Clever Halloween Crafts

The leaves are changing, the weather is cooling down, and fall fun is here! You’ve done your fall cleaning, put away your summer supplies and it’s time to bring out some amazing Halloween crafts and decor.Halloween crafts - pumpkin spiders

Of course, fall festivities start with great pumpkins, spooky spiders, and crafts made alongside a cup of warm apple cider. These spider-inspired pumpkin candle holders make for perfect bathroom, hallway or even desk companions. They’re super easy to create and extra fun for the kids to help make.

Your creepy crawling pieces can be made with ease. Grab your Scrigit Scraper, a few craft tools, and some of cute mini-pumpkins.

What you’ll need:

  • mini-pumpkins
  • 8 pipe cleaners per pumpkin
  • 1 tea light per pumpkin
  • 1 Scrigit Scraper
  • 1 knife

To create:

Step 1. When selecting pumpkins, be sure they are wide and deep enough to insert your small tea light. You’ll find the best deals on pumpkins at local greenhouses vs. large chain stores. Wash pumpkin thoroughly.

Step 2. Insert your knife at the top of the pumpkin, cutting straight down in a circular motion, with a circle slightly wider in diameter than the tea light. If you have a drill, you can also use this to drill a circular hole into the pumpkin. Use your Scrigit Scraper to remove the seeds and debris inside, making surface as smooth as possible by scraping with the flat edge of your tool.

Note: Don’t forget that the hole you insert into your pumpkin must be large enough to hold a candle!

Step 3. Using the corner of the flat edge of the Scrigit Scraper, poke 4 indentations on each side of the pumpkin (where your spider legs will be). Gently press each pipe cleaner into the indentation, forming them to shape bent legs.

Note: If they don’t stay inserted into the pumpkin, make the hole deeper with a toothpick OR simply use super glue or white glue and allow to dry.

Step 4. Insert the tea light into the hole in your pumpkin, light, and enjoy your spooky new fall friends! If young children are in the house, be sure to opt for battery operated tea lights.

There you have it! These Halloween crafts are super simple to create, super affordable, and extra adorable. Create dozens of these spooky spiders to decorate a long driveway, a porch, or countertops inside your home. Fill them with a glass candle holder and candies, or grab a bigger pumpkin and insert an entire bouquet to make a floral critter.

Don’t forget to stock up on handy Scrigit Scrapers to keep craft season mess-free and easy here. The Scrigit Scraper was a featured product in last fall’s issue of Craft Ideas magazine, though the magazine is currently looking for a new publisher.

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