Father’s Day Gift Idea

Does your father, father-in-law, husband or grandfather like to work on DIY projects around the house or work on cars or motorcycles? Does this person like new gadgets? Are you looking for a Father’s Day gift idea that your special person is not likely to already have?

Scrigit Scraper cleaning car

Scrigit Scrapers make great Father’s Day gifts

A package of Scrigit Scrapers makes a great Father’s Day gift. Scrigit Scrapers have hundreds of uses. We call it the essential scraper tool since it can be used for such things as cleaning off spatters and smears of latex paint, removing excess caulk and glue, scraping off adhesive tape and labels, and detailing cars and motorcycles. Since the Scrigit Scraper is about the size of a pen, it can reach into tight spaces, edges and grooves. The compact size and pocket clip makes it easy to keep in a pocket or other handy locations. Made of a durable non-scratch plastic, the Scrigit Scraper will not damage most household and automotive surfaces. Though keep in mind that the material being removed could scratch the surface, so work carefully and use water or other appropriate cleaners to soften the unwanted materials.

For added versatility, a cloth or paper towel can be put over the top flat-edged scraper tip as shown in the photo. The cloth or paper towel will help absorb soft greasy grime from grooves and edges. Wetting the cloth or paper with water or a cleaning solution will help soften and remove dried-on dirt from grooves and edges. This technique works both on the inside and outside of a vehicle. If the Scrigit Scraper slips off the cloth or pokes through the paper, the tool will still not scratch the surface being cleaned, unlike a metal screwdriver, which could cause damage.

So if you are looking for a clever and useful new gadget or tool to give as a gift on Father’s Day, think of the Scrigit Scraper, available in a 2-pack or 5-pack. You might want to get a package for yourself, too.

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