Gift Baskets for Easter, Bridal Shower & House Warming

Scrigit Scraper is Unique and Useful Addition to Gift Baskets

I have heard from many people that the versatile Scrigit Scraper makes a great addition to gift baskets or just a nice small gift for almost any occasion. When giving several small gifts, such as at a bridal shower or birthday party, most people try to find something different but useful. It is unlikely that the recipient of the gift would have a Scrigit Scraper, and it would definitely be useful since it can be used for so many different tasks, such as cleaning and crafts. The Scrigit packaging is attractive, so it looks good in a gift basket.

The scraper could also be added to baskets individually, with the empty package possibly hidden underneath for reference by the recipient. The scrapers could be decorated with small stickers or incorporated into a design, just as people do with Peeps.Easter gift baskets idea


Some people put together adult Easter baskets. These gift baskets usually contain a mix of seasonal snack foods, such as Peeps, and clever useful items. With so many uses by men and women for cleaning, house repairs and crafts, the Scrigit Scraper is a very thoughtful gift. The scrapers could be decorated with small stickers, such as bunnies, or incorporated into a design, just as people do with Peeps.

Bridal shower Nail care gift basket

Nail Care Gift Basket

Bridal Shower

For the bride, you could create a nail care gift basket as shown in the photo. A mixture of nail polishes and other manicure accessories can be assembled in a basket along with a package of Scrigit Scrapers. The bride could use the Scrigit Scrapers for cleaning tasks instead of her fingernails in order to protect her fingernails and manicure from damage. The Scrigit Scrapers will be very handy for removing adhesive stickers attached to wedding presents, such as glassware and dishes.

House Warming

When people are moving into a new house, there will be a lot things that need cleaning. There will also be a lot of price stickers and adhesive product labels to remove. For house warming gift baskets, a package of Scrigit Scrapers could be included along with a selection of house cleaning and maintenance supplies. A Scrub Daddy Sponge, a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser and colorful microfiber cleaning cloths rolled in decorative shapes would also be good additions to the basket. A screwdriver with multiple tips that store in the handle would also be a great idea.

Please share your ideas and photos for using Scrigit Scrapers in gift baskets or with other types of gifts.

Jay, Inventor of Scrigit Scraper

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