Scrigit Scraper Gift Ideas Using Stickers

One of our customers was thinking about gift ideas and decided on customized Scrigit Scrapers. A package of Scrigit Scrapers makes a great gift because it has so many uses for cleaning, crafts, DIY projects, automobile and motorcycle detailing, and so much more. To make the scrapers more special, small stickers can be added. A wide range of small stickers can be obtained through and from craft stores. Our local customer asked us to help her customize her scrapers with stickers. She was giving Scrigit Scraper 5-packs as gifts.

Scrigit Scrapers showing stickers

Add Your Own Stickers to Customize Scrigit Scrapers

We used the rounded tip of one of our Scrigit Scrapers to carefully separate the lower portion of the clear plastic bubble from the cardboard backer. A sticker was carefully applied to each scraper as shown in the photo. Then the scrapers were put back in the package. A small piece of clear tape was used to attach the bottom of the bubble to the backer. Keep in mind that the stickers are meant for their initial decorative appeal and might come off with usage of the scraper. So if you are looking for gift ideas, think Scrigit Scraper and then get creative with your own small stickers.

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