Back to School Items Every Mom Needs

Make Sure These Items are on Your Back to School List

 back to school lunch box with stickersSending your little ones back to school can be a major ordeal. As the new school season approaches, you’ll need to restock on the essentials. With school-required supplies, backpacks, outfits to buy, and student schedules to memorize, it’s easy for moms to feel just as stressed as their children.

Here are some of Mom’s Must-Haves for getting ready for the season.

Snack Containers For On the Go
Odds are, the time spent in your family vehicle is going to go up significantly once the school season starts. From sleepy mornings driving to school to soccer practicsnack containere and dance recitals, you’ll want to prep your world for these on the go activities. Stock up a few secure, lidded containers like these to safely hold high energy foods like granola, nuts, and fruit to keep both you and your kids energized and active throughout the day!

Stain Remover
Keep your child’s back to school outfits looking good as new with this school year must have. Tis the season for grass-stained knees, lunch stained tees and any other messes life brings your active student. Spare yourself the agony of undoing the stain damage by opting for a heavy-duty stain remover. This mom-favorite is a Consumer Report’s Best Buy, making it perfect to tackle the toughest remnants of your student’s latest adventure.

Pro Tip: Treat early. The sooner you are able to treat the stain, the greater chance you’ll have of clearing it up for good!

Scrigit™ Scraper Cleaning Tool

This is the ultimate back to school preparation tool and art & crafts must-have. Remove the adhesive stickers placed by your kids on last year’s school supplies and the adhesive labels on the new items. Some of the best parts of the school season are the school projects! Combat the messes that come with A+ work; keep your Scrigit Scraper nearby during all of their after school crafts. Use its different style edge at each end to combat any mess your student faces; its size & shape are perfect for everything from removing glue, gunk and glitter, folding perfectly creased paper, and even sculpting clay. Its unique shape makes it easy to hold for both mom and child – be sure to keep one in nearby so you can grab it easily and quickly!Scrigit for back to school

A package of Scrigit Scrapers also makes a thoughtful gift for teachers.

This time of year we’re focused on getting our kiddies back-to-school; making sure that they have all of their school supplies, clothes, and more, but what about Mom?

Between carpooling & soccer game cheering, back to school is the perfect time to stock up on your own Mom Must-Haves. Prep yourself for the excitement that comes with a fresh learning season by arming yourself with the essentials to keep you fueled and mess free all school year long.

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