Best Ways to Remove Carpet Dents

Choose the Cool Way or Hot Way to Remove Carpet Dents Left from Furniture

Whenever furniture sits on carpet for any length of time, the fibers compress into dents. Once you move the furniture, the dents remain for quite a long time. If you are having company over or preparing your house to be sold, you don’t want these ugly dents to be showing. There are two good ways to remove the dents.Use ice to repair carpet dents

The cool way is to put an ice cube into each dent and let them melt slowly. The gradual melting lets the water be absorbed into the carpet fibers. If the dents are in rugs covering wood floors, put something like a plastic bag or aluminum foil underneath the rug to keep any excess water from leaking through and damaging the wood. Once the ice is melted, absorb any excess water with white paper towels or white rags. You might not need to let the ice melt completely if you have large ice cubes. You could also enjoy a nice cool drink with the extra ice cubes while the ones on the carpet are melting. Then fluff the area with a fork, stiff brush, or a Scrigit Scraper.carpet dent and scrigit scraper

An alternative hot method uses steam to relax the fibers. If you don’t have time for ice cubes to melt before company comes over, this would be a better method. First, wet a clean white cloth or towel and ring it out to leave only damp. Place it over the dent. Then use a steam iron set to the lowest steam setting to iron over the cloth for about 30 seconds. Don’t iron directly on the carpeting or leave the iron on the cloth for too long. You don’t want to damage the carpeting from the heat. Once the carpet cools down, then use a fork, stiff brush or Scrigit Scraper to fluff up the dented area of the carpet.

Once you are done with either method and the carpet is dry, use a vacuum cleaner to finish fluffing the carpet and blending in the repaired areas.


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