Holiday Prep and Cleanup Made Easier with Scrigit

Cleaning the house before holiday company arrives and cleaning up afterwards is always a challenge. As you clean the house ahead of Christmas, New Year’s and even football gatherings, Scrigit Scraper cleaning tools can help make many cleaning tasks faster and easier. The pen-shaped tool is easy to keep in handy locations around the house, or even in your pocket, so you can grab one quickly when needed. The scraper tool can be used to quickly clean up small spots of dried food, candle wax and dirt on household surfaces without damaging the surfaces. When you are having company over, you sometimes see things that need to be cleaned, such as a buildup of dirt in the corner of the kitchen or bathroom floor, that you don’t notice during your normal hectic daily life.

Holiday Scrigit in Christmas Town

Scrigit celebrating in Christmas Town

If you bought new dishes, serving bowls and platters, and glassware for your holiday celebrations, you might find annoying stickers on the bottom. A Scrigit Scraper can be used to quickly remove these labels without scratching.

Keep Scrigit Scrapers handy for cleaning up after your holiday and football parties. In the kitchen, the cleaning tool can help remove baked on cheese and other foods from bakeware, though soaking first is recommended. Invariably after parties, spots of dried food appear on floors and other surfaces. Scrigits can remove these spots without damaging the surfaces. Click Here to learn how to order Scrigit Scrapers and Save $1 on every two 2-packs.

Enjoy the holidays!

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