Plan a Mess Free Memorial Day BBQ

Some Prep & Pitching In Keeps Memorial Day Mess Free & Stress Free

The ultimate kickoff to summer, Memorial Day is the year’s first opportunity to gather your friends and relax in the sun! Boasting the season’s best food & weather, there is no better opportunity to gather friends, family, and barbeque.

Memorial Day BBQ

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Don’t stress about the cleanup doomsday that inevitably follows get-togethers; barbeques are meant to be effortless, simple, and most importantly, easy to clean up! A few strategic planning points alongside some “must have” items will ensure you can enjoy your Memorial Day barbecue party in patriotic peace. These points will reduce the stress that comes with hosting and keep everyone coming back year after year.

Rule #1 Prep Your Site
Wash your tables, construct your tent, and showcase the patriotic knickknacks you’ve collected! Get rid of annoying (and seemingly extra-sticky) price tag stickers on last minute purchases with your Scrigit Scraper– the tip with the rounded edge makes the task a breeze without sacrificing your fingernails.

Get ready for grub by cleaning your grill; scraping off the residue that lingers from your previous grilling season will keep your food tasting fresh and perfectly cooked. Your Scrigit Scraper is just the right shape for reaching that leftover saucy-gunk stuck underneath knobs and cooled grill crevices, leaving a gunk-free surface for your BBQ delicacies.

Pro Tip: Check your propane tank or supply of charcoal before the day of your event! Nothing is worse than ready-to-go protein and a cold grill.

You can ensure your cleanup is just as enjoyable as your event with a few extra steps ahead of time:

  • Before lighting the grill, apply non-stick spray to the grates. This BBQ must-have significantly cuts down cleanup time;
  • Don’t forget to place a grill pad or splatter mat underneath your grill before cooking. These heat resistant pads will protect your party-space from the grease that misses your drip pan (it will happen);
  • Put a plastic tub filled with soapy water in the kitchen sink so anything that needs to be washed can soak and be much faster to clean at the end of your party.

Rule #2 Keep It Communal
You don’t have to assemble or cook everything; just be sure to leave yourself in charge of the must-haves like cleanup supplies, the grill, tables & chairs, and cooking tools.

Recruit your companions to contribute to your Memorial Day meal potluck style! Putting yourself in charge of the main course keeps the total price tag of the day low, and lets you leave the rest of the dishes up to your friends. Side dishes like corn on the cob, baked beans, potato salad and coleslaw are traditional go-tos that make our mouth water just talking about them.

Leave your most punctual friend in charge of disposable plates, cups and utensils to keep the meal effortlessly mess-free. Come meal-time, keep your serving area stress free by scattering a Scrigit Scraper or two on the table to help open annoying plastic lid wrappers.

In the end, keep the day simple! For the dishes you do take charge of, opt for easy, classic recipes with a fresh twist. Yes, it’s going to be a natural inclination to compile a 3-page menu and pack a car-full of American flag pinwheels and décor. But remember, Memorial Day is about spending time with your loved ones and remembering those who served our country! Kick back, relax, and BBQ this holiday weekend.

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