10 Handiest Kitchen Gadgets for Cooking & Cleaning

Scrigit Scraper Included in Post as One of the Handiest Kitchen Gadgets

In a recent post, writer Abi Travis identified 31 of the handiest kitchen gadgets for cooking and cleaning that “might have been invented by a genius.” “There’s no better place for gadgets than in the kitchen,” stated Abi. “There are so many tasks that can be made easier with specialized gadgets. And they’re actually fun to use!” The products range from the practical – stainless steel straws – to the fun but frivolous –  a special toaster that can cook hot dogs and toast the buns at the same time. One of her favorite products is the Scrigit Scraper cleaning tool. As the inventor of the Scrigit, I am very happy to be included in this list.

From my perspective, here are 10 of best kitchen gadgets on the list. They are in the same order as in the complete list. A link to the complete list, which includes links to the products, is included at the end of this post.

Nano Glove

This is a duster shaped like a glove. The fabric will capture dust, dirt, liquid, and grime.

Splash PaddyKitchen Paddy - handiest kitchen gadgets

Abi has the same problem with her kitchen sink as I have. Water either splashes your shirt directly as you are washing items or builds up on the front edge of counter. Then when you lean against the counter, you get a big wet spot on your clothes. The Splash Paddy is a clear, flexible plastic shield that will keep you from getting splashed. Somehow, it will roll up when not in use.

Scrigit Scraper

While most of the items on the list are very specialized, the pen-shaped non-scratch Scrigit Scraper has a wide range of uses for cleaning in the kitchen, bathroom and throughout the house. It can also be used for cleaning your cars and for working on craft projects. “You know when you’re cleaning a small area and find yourself wishing you had something tiny to scrape away the gunk? That’s where the Scrigit comes in,” stated Abi.

Syrup Dispensersyrup dispenser kitchen gadget

Whether at a restaurant or at home, anytime you have to pour pancake syrup or honey from a container, some drips down the front and ends up getting the container all sticky. This unique syrup container puts the dispenser opening at the bottom. A special stand holds the dispenser when not in use.

Dishwashing Gloves

If you where gloves for washing dishes, glasses and cookware, here is an improved version. The palms and fingers are covered with tiny bristles made out of the same silicone material as the gloves. These bristles provide scrubbing action to speed up the cleaning process. Of course if you have stuck-on food or need to clean out grooves or in tight spaces, a Scrigit Scraper is still needed.

Silicone Baking Mats

These mats provide a non-stick layer between the pan and whatever your are baking. And they are reusable.

Jokari Baggy RacksKitchen gadgets - Jokari baggy rack

These clever racks hold open plastic food storage bags in an upright position, so you don’t need three hands to fill them.

Grill Mats

These mats are made out of a thin material that won’t melt at normal outdoor grill temperatures. They are great for grilling foods that would typically stick to the grates or fall apart and drop through the grates.

Cut Resistant Gloves

If you have a tendency to cut yourself with cutting up food, these gloves will protect your hands from most cuts.Handiest kitchen gadgets - Staybowlizer


This clever silicone device holds a bowl or another pot steady over another pot when you need to create a double boiler for doing something like melting chocolate. The device can also hold a bowl or pot steady on your counter so you can stir and add ingredients without needing a third hand to hold the container steady.

 kitchen gadgets - Spiral sausage cutterThe oddest gadget is a Cyclone Sausage Cutter. “Use one of these handy doodads to easily spiralize your hot dogs and sausages for a better grilling experience.” I had never heard of spiralizing your hotdogs.

To see the whole post with the handiest kitchen gadgets, go to 31 Kitchen Gadgets That Might Have Been Invented by a Genius. And thank you Abi for including the Scrigit Scraper in this select grouping.

Thanks for reading this post.

Jay, inventor of the Scrigit Scraper



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