People often ask me, “How did you go about creating the Scrigit Scraper?” As mentioned in a previous post, one of the first steps was to research the patent database to see if somebody else already had a patent for the same product. Once I found that I had an original design idea, I found a plastic injection molding company in Florida that would help me create the actual product.

Scraper design image

Early Scrigit Scraper Design Draft

A designer working for the company took my sketches and handmade prototype to create a design that could be efficiently manufactured using plastic injection molding. He used computer-aided drafting (CAD) software to create two-dimensional and then three-dimensional designs. He would send me a draft to review and then I would provide feedback for him to make revisions until a final design was created. One of the draft images is shown here. There was also an interactive three-dimensional design created that allowed me to virtually move the scraper so I could see it at any angle.

Once the design of the Scrigit Scraper was finalized, the CAD design was used to make the production mold. The software also allowed for the creation of a Scrigit Scraper animation showing the scraper in simulated use, which is featured on the About page of the Scrigit website. You can also click here to see the animation.