Winter Storm ‪#‎Jonas‬ that hit Maryland with 2 to 3 feet of snow was actually fun and exciting for the Scrigits. Since they are from Florida, they were very eager to go and play in the snow and, of course, make some snow angels.Scrigit Scrapers in Snow

While the Scrigit Scrapers are too small for most snow and ice scraping applications, they do have hundreds of uses for small cleaning tasks and removing stickers and labels. The rounded shape of the bottom tip of the tool is shaped like a fingernail for getting into all those corners, edges and grooves where you might want to use your finger but without the risk of breaking your fingernail or touching the substances that need to be removed. The rounded shape of the scraper acts like a v-shaped snow plow blade, which makes it easier to push through blobs of dried-on food, wax, or get under adhesive labels, stickers and tape.snow plow

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