Best Way of Removing Labels from Boxes

Here are helpful tips for removing labels from boxes. Whenever possible, I reuse the boxes that are sent to me. Boxes that can’t be reused are recycled. When reusing the box, any label with bar codes needs to be removed. While there is some blank label stock available that is opaque, most label stock will not completely hide labels that are underneath. If you are recycling or throwing out boxes, you probably at least want to remove your name and address from the box. For some types of label paper, the rounded tip of a Scrigit Scraper will cut through the paper enough to just scrape off the name and address portion of the label. For harder paper labels, the Scrigit Scraper just slides across the surface, so removing the whole label is the best choice. Of course, the more you are in a hurry to remove the label, the more difficult the label will be to remove.

Removing box labels

Scrigit Scraper & hair dryer remove labels

When you want to remove the whole label from a box, a Scrigit Scraper is the best way to gradually lift off the label. Depending on the adhesive used for the label and how well it adheres to the surface of the box, you might be able to cleanly remove the whole label with just the Scrigit Scraper. If the label does not want to cleanly release from the box, then a helpful tip for more easily removing the label is to heat the label with a hair dryer. Move the dryer around to evenly heat the whole label. The heat will soften the self-stick adhesive. Once the label is warm from the hair dryer, then use the rounded tip of a Scrigit Scraper to lift up the far edge of the label, and then slide the scraper towards you with the tip under the label, lifting up about an eighth to quarter inch section of the label. Continue sliding the scraper tip back and forth under the label to gradually lift up an increasingly wider strip of the label. Gently pull on the loosed section of the label while continuing to slide the scraper back and forth under the label until the entire label has been removed. A Scrigit Scraper combined with a hair dryer can also speed up the process of removing labels from other surfaces.

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