The 3 Things You Should be Cleaning (But Aren’t)

Tips on Often Overlooked Household Items You Should be Cleaning

Your bed is made, countertops polished, and coffee table is perfectly styled, but is your home truly clean? It’s easy to fall into the same old cleaning routine, neglecting the To-dos that are so often overlooked. Take a deep look around your home and you’ll discover hidden filth, grit, and grime – built up from months of wear & tear. Read on to discover (and tackle) our top 3 most overlooked spots to clean.Should be cleaning: Toaster

Kitchen Trash Can
It happens to all of us eventually; the stench that lingers in your garbage can long after you take the trash out. Your culprit lies in leftover food debris and the bacteria that follow. Get this household necessity clean as new by hosing out any gunk outdoors. Once it’s clean of residue, spray it thoroughly with a disinfectant and an odor-eliminating product (e.g. commercial household spray cleaner or your own mix of either vinegar and water or baking soda and water), and then give it a thorough scrub down and rinse.

Make the chore more bearable in the future by wiping down the ins and outs of your garbage can every time you take out the trash. You’ll thank yourself later!

Your toaster sees a lot of action but doesn’t get a lot of love when it comes to items you should be cleaning. Take a peek inside and you’re sure to discover enough breadcrumbs to make a new piece of bread. Keep your favorite cooking appliance clean (and safe) by unplugging the toaster and cleaning out the crumb tray. Then turn the toaster upside down and gently shake out any crumbs and stale pieces of bread that may have been trapped inside. Dislodge the remaining bagel seeds, breadcrumbs and other foreign particles with your Scrigit Scraper, being careful not to damage the heating wires. Follow up by wiping off the exterior, and you’re good to toast!

The mighty savior of the kitchen, this chore does apply to your dishwasher every now and then. Your family’s dishwasher gets clogged with food debris, soap scum, hard-water deposits, & even mold. First, clean out debris from the filter or filters in the drain area at the bottom of the dishwasher. Grab your Scrigit Scraper to carefully dislodge the food particles trapped in your machine’s filter. Soak the filter in a vinegar solution, if necessary for thorough cleaning. Then set the dishwasher to the ‘Heavy Duty’ wash option and run it through the pre-rinse cycle. Carefully open the door once the wash cycle starts and pour a cup of vinegar in the bottom. Close the door and let the machine complete the rest of its cycles.  You can also use a cup of baking soda instead of the vinegar to deodorize the machine, but not both at the same time.

Pro Tip: Don’t forget to clean under the bottom of the door! Water doesn’t reach this crevice on most dishwashers, so grab a rag and your Scrigit Scraper, running it along the inside to dislodge all stuck-on particles. Follow up with a dry rag to reach deep into the nooks and crannies we all so frequently ignore.

Your home will never be perfectly clean. Since perfect is impossible, get as close as you can by mastering the deep cleaning most people forget about. Take a hard look around. Are there other items you should be cleaning? Let us know what else we should feature.

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