Life with kids makes messes a guarantee, from food to paint, dirty bathrooms and more. It’s all sure to cause some serious wear and tear on your home. But the facts are hard to deny – nothing feels better than clean and grime-free!

Conquer the toughest gunk on flat and curved household surfaces, edges, corners, and grooves with the Scrigit Scraper. The handy tool makes it easy to get into tight spaces – its size makes it perfect to handle the jobs other cleaning tools can’t do well.

Next time you clean house, conquer these five common household annoyances with a little help from the Scrigit™ Scraper and get the job done faster.Scrigit Scraper in car cup holder

Slime in a Cup Holder
One quick trip through the drive-thru can easily lead to a milkshake disaster. The oozing, sticky treat seeps into the corners of your cup holders, only to dry into a hardened mess. The Scrigit Scraper was specially designed for this moment – with one end featuring a round head to reach deep into curved corners.

Baked on Food in the Corners of Your Dishware
There’s nothing more frustrating than scrubbing and scrubbing burnt on food from pots, cookie sheets, and Pyrex. Next time you’re cleaning these items, place some vinegar in the bottom of the pot and heat it over medium heat until the burnt food starts to loosen. Scrape with your Scrigit cleaning tool – watch the gunk fall away, especially in those hard to reach corners.

Arts & Crafts
Precision makes the prettiest crafts; the Scrigit Scraper is designed to enable your most precise artistic ability! Make edges cleaner and tighter. Clean up excess glue in a jiffy. Scrape away unwanted sparkle with ease. If you can make it, you can use the Scrigit Scraper to make it even better!

Remove Those Pesky Stickers Off of School Supplies
There’s something particularly annoying about having crisp, fresh notebooks marked with the reminder of the price you paid. Send your kids to school in style without any remnants of price tags; the Scrigit Scraper features two ends to get every job done with ease. Start with the rounded end to lift the edges of adhesive labels, then use the flat end to remove excess gunk and finish the job.

That Soap Stuck in the Corner of the Soap Holder
We all know the moment – you’ve finished off another bar of soap and a mound of residue remains, taunting you in the nooks and crannies of your soap holder. After soaking the area in your favorite bathroom shower cleaner, use the Scrigit Scraper and a sturdy cloth or paper towel to scrape away the remaining residue.

A world with kids can get messy fast! Add in school, playtime, and life’s daily surprises – you’re destined to combat some sticky situations. Maintain your Super Mom status with a tool that can handle it all – the Scrigit Scraper is a must for the kitchen, bathroom, workshop, office, car, purse and pocket.