Here is the second installment of bathroom cleaning tips showing how the non-scratch Scrigit Scraper can make cleaning the bathroom easier.

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Using the Scrigit Scraper for Bathroom Cleaning

If you use bar soap, I am sure that you find that a layer of dried soap builds up on the soap dish. On shower soap dishes, the soap often leaves a mushy layer that eventually hardens unless you clean up after every shower. Soap will also build up on the bottom of the dish and underneath on the wall tiles. Removing the soap with a bathroom spray cleaner and a scrubber sponge is a slow tedious process because the scrubbing pad of the sponge, or whatever you are using, gets clogged with soap. A Scrigit Scraper will quickly scrape off the caked-on soap without scratching any of the surfaces. The rounded tip of the cleaning tool will quickly clean off the curved sections, while the flat-edged tip is better for flat surfaces. Then the sponge and some water can be used to quickly clean off the loose soap scrapings.

There are no shortage of places in a bathroom that get dirty and need to be cleaned. An often overlooked place, and for good reason, is the plastic neck of the pop-up sink drain stopper used in most bathrooms. The usually white plastic neck under the metal stopper disk becomes covered with a black ugly coating of gunk. Originally, I was not going to mention the sink stopper because I was not sure if anybody else thought to clean it. Then a review of  the Scrigit Scraper in the mom blog Heartfelt Balance Handmade Life included cleaning the drain stopper as one of the uses for the Scrigit Scraper. If you can lift the stopper up out of the sink, then use a bathroom cleaning spray to soften the gunk and the Scrigit Scraper to get the gunk off the flat surfaces and all the inside corners and other tight spaces. Then use a scrubber sponge to finish cleaning the stopper. If you can’t lift the stopper out of the sink, you will need to loosen the lifting mechanism on the drain under the sink to release the stopper. Look up information online if you don’t know how to do this. Hopefully, you found these bathroom cleaning tips to be useful.