BBQ Grill Cleaning Made Easy

Helpful Hints for BBQ Grill Cleaning

With warm weather arriving, get ready for BBQ season. It’s time to take out the old grill and give her the good ol’ scrub down in anticipation for the upcoming grilling season. Although your brush, soap, and scrub sponge will do the job, the Scrigit Scraper will take it to the next level – getting into all those nooks and crannies collecting grime since the last BBQ grill cleaning.BBQ grill cleaning

1. Grate Cleaning. Clean your grate or grates and any racks with your grill brush, such as Amazon’s best seller, and follow up with a Scrigit Scraper cleaning tool. Make sure you get the middle part of the grates where it is hard for the brush bristles to reach. It helps to take out the grates and set them on several layers of newspaper or paper towels on a table to go through them with the Scrigit Scraper to make sure all the char is off. Of course, this is where you’ll want to be the most diligent in your grill cleaning to ensure all the residue build-up from last year is gone and you’ll have a grill that looks as good as new.

2. Burner Protectors. Remove and wash the protectors (heat tents) that sit over the burners with some soapy water and a scrub sponge. Give the burners a good wash and the grime will come right off. This process will get the sponge quite dirty.

3. Burners. After going through the burner protectors, it’s time to clean the burners themselves. Again, with a little soap, water, and sponge, the grime will wash off. Make sure the openings where the gas comes out are not clogged. A toothpick can be used to clean any clogged openings.

4. Bottom Pan. Finally, it’s time to give the bottom of the inside of the grill a good cleaning. Use damp paper towels to remove large pieces of char and other loose material. Toss out the chars from the bottom and then follow through with the Scrigit Scraper to get all the remaining chars off the bottom pan. After a good grill cleaning, you’re set for a whole new season of grilling.

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  1. I will try the scraper to open cat food cans.

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