Best Way to Clean Sliding Door Tracks

Intentional Mom Blog Features the Scrigit Scraper for Cleaning Sliding Door Tracks
“This has become my new favorite tool.”

Big sliding glass doors are great for letting a lot of light into a room and creating a bright open feeling. The doors also make it easy to enter and exit a room without a swinging door creating unusable space needed for the swinging motion. However, the sliding door tracks catch all types of dirt and debris. This creates an ugly mess that can eventually impair the sliding of the door,  and the tracks are difficult to clean.Scrigit Scraper cleaning sliding door tracks

Jennifer, author of The Intentional Mom blog, has come to the rescue. In her blog post, “Clean Your Slider Tracks with No Scrubbing,” Jennifer describes nine simple steps to clean the tracks with a minimal amount of effort and great results. Only a few items are needed for cleaning the tracks, such as white vinegar, baking soda, paper towels, rags, a vacuum cleaner, and a Scrigit Scraper cleaning tool.

Yes, Jennifer discovered that the non-scratch pen-shaped Scrigit Scraper, with a different shaped scraper at each end, makes cleaning sliding door tracks faster and easier. The handy tool is just the right size to remove stuck-on gunk from the narrow track. The rounded angled tip, similar in shape to a fingernail (but much sturdier), works like a small v-shaped plow to break through hardened blobs of gunk. The flat-edged scraper end of the tool is ideal for quickly cleaning along the edges of the tracks and getting into the corners. Toothbrushes are not very effective for cleaning corners. Butter knives and other metal tools, like screwdrivers, can scratch the tracks. The flat-edged tip of the Scrigit Scraper is the best way to clean the corners of the tracks without scratching them.

Scrigit cleaning sliding door tracksIn the blog post, Jennifer describes the Scrigit Scraper as, “Super effective, budget friendly, and a time saver for so many projects around the house. This has become my new favorite tool.”

As a busy mom of 8, yes 8, from 15 years to under a year, Jennifer as a writer, author and blogger helps women and moms (and dads) handle the bustle of everyday life and to live with intention every day. Whether it is maintaining a budget, putting affordable healthy meals on the table, tackling a cluttered home, or cleaning sliding door tracks, The Intentional Mom is a wonderful resource. Please check it out.



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