Best Way to Remove Adhesive Labels

Are you looking for the best way to remove adhesive labels, stickers and tape? The self-adhesive label and similar products are definitely convenient for the person putting them on surfaces, whether they are price stickers, product labels, prescription labels, or just just fun stickers to decorate items. For the person who needs to remove them, not so much. Stickers, labels and tape can be made with a wide range of adhesion levels. Post-it notes are made with a low level of adhesion so the notes can be easily removed with no adhesive left behind. Some labels are intentionally made with a very strong adhesive so something like a warning label cannot be removed. Price stickers need to adhere well enough so they can’t be easily moved from one product to another without destroying the sticker. Unfortunately, some stickers and labels that need to be removed were not made with an appropriate adhesive. This makes them very difficult to remove without damaging the surface they are on and leaving a sticky residue.Scraping label off plate

While fingernails are often used as a default method of scraping off labels and stickers, they often don’t work very well and break easily. The best way to remove adhesive labels and stickers is to start with a Scrigit Scraper. The rounded bottom tip usually works the best for starting the removal process. It is easier to get the rounded tip under a small section of the label than the flat-edged scraper tip. If the adhesive is not too sticky, the whole label might come off quickly with the rounded tip sliding under it. For stickier adhesive, slide the rounded tip a small distance under one edge near a corner and then draw the scraper along the edge so a small band of the edge lifts off the surface. Repeat this process so a wider band of the edge is lifted off during each pass. This method is usually better at keeping the label in one piece than just pushing the scraper into the label. Once enough of the label is lifted up, you might be able to grab it between your finger and thumb to lift off the whole label. If the label starts coming off in pieces, you could switch to the flat-edged tip to scrape off all the pieces.

Scraping label of glass

Scrape off price stickers

Once all the paper or other label material is scraped off, there still might be a gummy residue from the label adhesive. This is a good time to really hate the person who chose the material used for the adhesive labels or stickers. In some cases water and soap or household spray cleaner will remove the remaining adhesive with a little scrubbing. Similarly rubbing alcohol and a cotton ball or pad will remove the adhesive without damaging most surfaces. Some people suggest using WD-40 or tea tree oil as a mild solvent. Next try mineral spirits found in the paint department, particularly the odorless variety. There is also a product called Goo Gone that is designed to remove adhesives and is safe to use with the Scrigit Scraper, but like mineral spirits might damage some surfaces. Test in an inconspicuous spot. If nothing else works to remove the adhesive, then try either nail polish remover (acetone) or a product called Goof Off, both of these will damage plastic and many other surfaces and should not be used with a Scrigit Scraper. Test first and use with good ventilation and no open flames.

Scraping off prescription label

Remove prescription bottle labels

Keep in mind that the best way to start the process of removing adhesive labels is with a Scrigit Scraper. Also keep in mind that those who choose the materials for adhesive labels and stickers should be required to try to remove them.

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