Using a Scrigit Scraper is the best way to clean accumulated grime from edges in kitchens and bathrooms. Wherever edges are created when two surfaces meet in kitchens and bathrooms, dirt collects to form a grimy band. Sponges, rags and mops don’t get into these tight spaces, so routine cleaning does not get these edges clean. As shown in the photos, grime accumulates at the edges of self-rimming sinks, where toilets meet the floor, and along the back edges of granite and other counter tops where they meet the backsplash. You really don’t want to use your fingernails to clean this grime, specially around the toilet base. Metal scrapers could damage the surfaces.

Scrigit Scraper cleans edges

Scrigit Scraper cleans grime from edges

The best way to clean along these kitchen and bathroom edges is to use a non-scratch Scrigit Scraper. The rounded tip is usually best for cleaning around toilet bases. The flat edge usually works best along self-rimming sinks and cook tops. Either edge works well along the back edges of counter tops. Please share your photos of cleaning dirty edges.