Adhesive labels, stickers and tape are always difficult to remove, but Scrigit Scrapers are up to the challenge. There are stubbornly attached price labels on many products, except those that have tags held on by those annoying plastic threads that can only be cut with scissors, but that is a topic for another day. Then there are adhesive product information labels stuck to many products. Of course, there are also stickers added to various surfaces by your kids, and adhesive tape put on something but is no longer needed.toilet tank

A satisfied customer recently sent me this photo showing how an information label on a toilet tank posed a removal challenge. The person who installed the toilet made an initial attempt to remove the label but only ended removing the top printed layer. The Scrigit customer used her Scrigit Scraper to remove the remaining paper and adhesive. This label came off cleanly using only a Scrigit Scraper. In some cases, bits of adhesive refuse to come off completely. Then you might need to use a solvent such mineral spirits/paint thinner (preferably the odorless version) or Goo Gone. These solvents are safe to use with the Scrigit Scraper and on toilet tanks, but might damage some other surfaces. Test in an inconspicuous spot.Removing label from glass

The best way to remove adhesive labels, stickers and tape is to start with a Scrigit Scraper. The rounded bottom tip usually works the best for starting the removal process. It is easier to get the rounded tip under a small section of the label than the flat-edged scraper tip. If the adhesive is not too sticky, the whole label might come off quickly with the rounded tip sliding under it. For stickier adhesive, slide the rounded tip a small distance under one edge near a corner and then draw the scraper along the edge so a small band of the edge lifts off the surface. Repeat this process so a wider band of the edge is lifted off during each pass. This method is usually better at keeping the label in one piece than just pushing the scraper into the label. Once enough of the label is lifted up, you might be able to grab it between your finger and thumb to lift off the whole label. If the label starts coming off in pieces, you could switch to the flat-edged tip to scrape off all the pieces.Scraping label off plate

The best way to find out how handy the Scrigit Scraper is for removing stickers, labels, tape, and so much more is to try it yourself. Buy a package today!