Scrigit Scraper Chosen as Best Cleaning Tool by Better Homes  & Gardens

Perfectly timed with the spring cleaning season, the editors and experts at Better Homes & Gardens tested the latest and greatest cleaning products. Based on this effort, the editors announced their top picks in the April issue of the magazine and on their website. The new Wide Blade Scrigit Scraper was announced as a Better Homes & Gardens CLEAN HOUSE AWARDS winner for being the best new utility cleaning tool.


Last fall, Better Homes & Gardens asked for nominations for all categories of household cleaning products. They were looking for new cleaning products that stood out for their quality, innovation, and ability to make the BH&G audience’s cleaning routines easier, more effective, and safer. The products had to be released between January 2020 and May 2021.

The new Wide Blade Scrigit Scraper matched their criteria perfectly. The tool was being prepared for a first quarter 2021 introduction. This new version of the original innovative Scrigit Scraper was designed to be a convenient tool for making small cleaning tasks safer and faster.

Original Scrigit Scraper

Scrigit-hand-round tipThe original blue pen-shaped Scrigit Scraper tool was designed to remove unwanted substances, such as dried food, candle wax, grime and adhesive stickers, from household surfaces, edges and grooves without damaging the surfaces being cleaned. One of the two scraper tips of the tool is a cylindrical wedge shape, which is a sturdier version of a fingernail. Using this tip for scraping saves your fingernails. The second tip is a 3/8″ wide flat edge scraper for reaching into narrow spaces and cleaning along edges. People frequently use similarly shaped metal screwdrivers for scraping.  However, metal blades often scratch the surfaces being cleaned.

New Wide Blade Scrigit Scraper

Now, a new version of the Scrigit Scraper is available. The new tool, made with a special green plastic material, has a 3 times wider flat scraping blade to speed up cleaning flat surfaces and removing adhesive stickers and labels. The two pointed tips on the flat blade clean grooves, edges and tight corners better than a wooden toothpick. The second scraping tip features the same sturdy fingernail shaped cylindrical wedge shape. This new member of the Scrigit family comes in a 3-pack.Wide Blade Scrigit 3-pack

Scrigit Scrapers are available online and at many locally owned housewares and hardware stores and gift shops. Ask for them at your local store.

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