Clean Up Battery Leaks with Scrigit

Opening a battery compartment and finding the battery leaked is very annoying, but a Scrigit Scraper cleaning tool can come to the rescue. When time stood still on a battery operated kitchen wall clock, I took down the clock and discovered that the AA battery had leaked. Instead of a quick battery replacement, I had to first clean up the white crusty mess. I quickly realized that this was a perfect job for a Scrigit Scraper. The top flat-edged scraper was just the right size to pop out the old corroded battery and reach into the battery slot to clean out the crusty white chemicals left by the battery leakage. This is definitely not something you want to scrape with your fingernails.

back of wall clock

Scrigit Scraper Cleaned Up Battery Leak

In this instance, the Scrigit Scraper was able to get the metal battery contacts clean enough to provide a good connection. If the metal tabs are too corroded, some very fine sandpaper or emery board could be used to clean the metal contacts. After using the scraper to remove as much of the crusty material as possible, I then put a paper towel over the flat edge of the scraper to clean out any remaining chemical powder. (Note: The photo shows the replacement battery, not the generic battery that leaked. I forgot to take a photo at the time I discovered the battery leak.)

Cleaning up battery leaks is just one of the hundreds of uses for Scrigit Scrapers. Please share how you use Scrigit Scrapers.

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