Deep Cleaning 101

Get Moving on Your Deep Cleaning with These Tips

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Have you been procrastinating on tackling your major chores? Deep cleaning can feel intimidating, and very stressful but worry no more. These deep cleaning tips will help you to tackle even the most dread-worthy cleaning tasks in no time.

The Hardest Part is Showing Up
Setting aside time to clean seems like the lowest priority most of the time, but calendaring your cleaning can make you stick to your guns. Setting a day and time means making a commitment to yourself and to your space. Once you show up there’s nothing left to do except start your cleaning extravaganza, the hardest part is over.

Make a List
Marking off your to-dos shows you what you’ve accomplished, especially, when you are feeling overwhelmed. A list will help you make sure you’ve covered everything and can help give a method to the madness. Get planning!

A cluttered space is a cluttered mind. If you’ve got major clutter simply commit 15 minutes daily to decluttering. You won’t know how much of a difference this makes until you give it a try. A great method to conquering clutter is with two boxes: trash and donations. Label your boxes and get moving!

Top to Bottom, Big to Small
Once you’ve eliminated the clutter it’s time to make your space sparkle. The best way to attack this part of the dirty work is from top to bottom, ceilings to baseboards; and to handle your larger surfaces first. Don’t forget to move the furniture, wipe down the windows.

And for deep cleaning tough corners, edges and grooves and other challenging gunk, your Scrigit Scraper will do the trick. The non-scratch pen-shaped Scrigit Scraper is a must-have tool for your cleaning supplies holder but should also be kept close by in convenient locations throughout your house so one is always handy when needed. The versatile scraper tool will make your deep cleaning faster and easier. Before you know it, your space will sparkle and your nose will thank floor edge

Just when you realize your procrastination is catching up, don’t panic! Take a minute to create a game plan for your deep cleaning tasks. With these simple tips your space will be transformed before you know it! Don’t get down, get up, and get cleaning!


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