Handy Hints for Getting Back to School Ready

Quickly and Safely Remove Unwanted Stickers and other Back to School Tips

With Summer coming to an end, it means that the days of waking up the kids early are just around the corner. Back to School also means getting the house (and the kids!) ready for another school year. We can help with our Back to School Cleaning List and help your whole family transition back to your regular September routine.Back to school supplies

Go Over Each Kid’s School Supplies
Gather all your children’s school supplies and go over which ones they’ll need in the beginning of the year, such as a few binders, packs of paper, new pencils, and put the rest aside. You will probably need them later in the school year, or save them for the next year. If you’re re-using any supplies from last year such as Tupperware, Thermos, or water bottle, use a non-scratch Scrigit Scraper to get rid of the grime collected along the edges and in the grooves. Using warm water and soap, use the rounded edge of the non-scratch scraper to go around the hard to reach areas that a regular sponge doesn’t clean effectively. Use the Scrigit Scraper to help you quickly and safely remove the annoying price tag stickers from new containers and other supplies without scratching the surfaces. Also use the handy tool to remove whatever unwanted stickers your kids put on containers and other supplies last school year.

bear on bedClean Out the High Traffic Areas
From the mudroom to the bathroom to the bedroom, these areas will probably see the most action – and the most dirt over the school year. Now is the perfect opportunity to give these areas a deep clean. In the mudroom, clear out the closet and give it a deep clean with the mop and vacuum. Use the rounded tip of a Scrigit Scraper instead of your fingernails to remove blobs of dried food and dirt. Use the flat tip of the tool to clean along edges and get into corners and other tight spaces. Don’t skip out on the mudroom closet – with all the coats and clothes coming in and out of the school year, you’ll want to ensure that the mudroom is ready to handle it. In the bathroom, clean out all of last year’s grooming materials! Take a garbage bag for all those stretched out hair elastics and half-used hand sanitizers. Cleaning out the bathroom is no easy feat but a necessity. Also be sure to stock up on any of the necessities such shampoo, conditioner, soap, hand sanitizer, tissues, lip balm, etc. at low back to school prices. The bedrooms are a place that you can get your kids to help! By enlisting them to assist with the basic tasks such as a cleaning up and organizing the closet, putting away their toys, and organizing their homework/desk area. Remember to take time to dust and vacuum especially behind the door and underneath the bed where you might find long lost objects. Remember to bring along the Scrigit Scraper! Chances are, your kids have left you with a surprise or two such as a stickers on the walls and blobs of unidentifiable material on their bookcase shelves. You’ll want the Scrigit Scraper on hand to help do the job without scratching any of the surfaces.Scrigit Scraper cleaning floor edge

Don’t Forget the Car
With all the picking up and dropping off between school, soccer games, and play dates, your car needs some back to school loving too! Give the car a good cleaning by vacuuming and washing. The trunk also needs a good cleaning out. Remember to use the Scrigit Scraper to clean out any gunk that may have been collecting in the cup holders or side door interior storage compartments. You’ll also want to keep an emergency box full of necessities such as disinfectant wipes, tissues, bandages, small snacks, sunscreen, socks, hair accessories, umbrella, etc. It won’t hurt to slide in the Scrigit Scraper into the box as well. Before you go on the road, it’s a good time to schedule an oil change, check tire pressures, replace windshield wiper blades, and maybe do a tune-up for the car to ensure that it’s in tip-top shape for the upcoming school year!

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