Household Things You Should be Cleaning

There are an amazing number of things around your house that need to be cleaned. Just in case you don’t already feel overwhelmed trying to keep up with all your household cleaning tasks, the BuzzFeed website published a list of 32 things that you probably aren’t cleaning but should be. Some of these items were already covered by prior posts in this Scrigit Blog. Here are some thoughts about their list using their numbering.

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2. Toothbrushes – If you rinse out your toothbrush after each use, you probably don’t need to clean it in vinegar as suggested. After all, you are only exposing yourself to the germs in your own mouth. This type cleaning might be a good idea if you are sick. Of course, replacing your toothbrush every 6 months is also a good idea.

3. Toothbrush holder – Yes, cleaning a shared toothbrush holder on a regular basis is definitely a good idea. Using mouthwash as suggested or a 50-50 vinegar-water solution will help disinfect it.

6. Telephones and Cell Phones – Cleaning these items is a very good idea, just don’t get them very wet. Don’t even think about the dishwasher! Try rubbing alcohol on a paper towel.

10. Pop-up Sink Stoppers – This suggestion was already made in this blog. A Scrigit Scraper is very helpful for speeding up the cleaning process.

12. Faucet Aerators – Here is another topic already covered by this blog.

16.Bathroom Exhaust Fans – The article shows using a can of compressed air to knock of the thick layer of dust that accumulate on the fan grill. This would send the dust flying around the room. Use the brush attachment on an extension tube attached to your vacuum cleaner hose or a small hand-held vacuum cleaner.

17. AC/Heating Vents – Again, the brush attachment of your vacuum is the best way of starting this cleaning. Using a spray cleaner in combination with a Scrigit Scraper covered by a cloth would be better than using a tableware knife that could be scratched or could scratch the vent.

Take a look at all the household cleaning suggestions and see what you think makes sense and what doesn’t. Click on the following link to read the whole article.

32 Things You Should be Cleaning But Aren’t




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