Check Out These Helpful Cleaning Hacks and Hints
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Life is busy enough as it is. From running kids to school, long days at work, and feeding hungry mouths, it’s nearly impossible to find a moment to breathe, let alone clean. Make your home sparkle as quickly (and painlessly) as possible so you can get back to life’s daily joys and challenges. These tips and cleaning hacks will help!

Make Dusting More Effective

Make your dusting spray work with you, not against you! Your technique makes the world of difference.

  1. If you spray furniture directly with dusting spray, it will create build-up and attract even more dust. To avoid sticky residue, spray your dusting cloth with the cleaning spray then buff onto your furniture.
  2. To remove the crumbs and debris lodged in your furniture’s cracks & seams, grab your Scrigit™ Scraper and a damp paper towel. Dislodge the crumbs while wiping them up with the damp towel!Pillowcase cleaning fan
  3. Grab a pillowcase. A lot of dust problems start when you power on your ceiling fans. Avoid the shower of dust the next time you opt for flowing air. A good cleaning hack is to repurpose an old pillowcase to dust the fan blades. Put the pillowcase carefully over each fan blade and then drag the dust directly into the case as you pull it off the blade. Once done, simply dump the debris into the trash! You’ll have more time to chase after the dust bunnies that form as you walk.

Clean Your Vacuum

Your go-to cleaning machine deserves more attention than you’re giving it. If you don’t clean your vacuum already, you’re probably just pushing dirt around on your floors instead of sucking it up.

  1. Boost the cleaning power of your vacuum by replacing the bag once it’s ⅓ full. If you have a bagless machine, be sure to empty the canister after each use. Carefully clean off any filters.
  2. Set your unplugged vacuum on its side to check the bottom of the machine for lodged hair and dust (lost toys?) that block the air flow into the bag. Keep your Scrigit™ Scraper handy to dislodge the hair and dirt you can’t quite reach. Make sure the belt, if your machine has one, is not broken or loose. You’ll notice your machine working better than ever!

Pay Regular Attention to Your Bathroom

It’s the most frequently used room in your house: Wiping your sink and shower down daily will make a huge difference in your regular cleaning routine. If you don’t, makeup, toothpaste, and soap builds up, making your bathroom appear dingy.

  1. Cut down on cleaning time even more by switching on your bathroom fan before you shower and keep it running for 15-20 minutes afterwards. This will reduce moisture in the air and significantly reduce the amount of mildew you’ll have to tackle later. Remember to vacuum the dust off of the fan grill plate.Scrigit cleaning toilet edge
  2. For the times you simply don’t prep yourself for easy cleaning (been there!), you’ll likely face a lot more accumulated dirt and other nastiness. Conquer the dried on gunk with your handy Scrigit™ Scraper, especially in those hard to clean edges, corners, and many types of shower door tracks. Its convenient rounded and flat edges will help you get the gunk out of every shower crevice.

Get back to the things you want to be doing! Spend more time with your loved ones and less time cleaning house. These cleaning hacks, tips & tricks are designed to help you clean smarter, better, and faster.