A Scrigit Scraper cleaning tool is often the best means of reaching into tight spaces, crevices, corners and grooves. Whether you are in the kitchen, workshop, bathroom or outside cleaning your car, there are often times when whatever you are trying to clean is just out of reach. A jar or vase might have too narrow a neck to allow you to reach whatever is stuck on the bottom or sides. Your finger or other cleaning tool might be too wide to clean out dirt stuck in crevices, corners and grooves. Sponges might be too soft to clean out accumulated dirt in these areas, while a metal screwdriver tip could damage the surfaces you are trying to clean. In many cases, you just don’t want to touch the substance you are trying to remove.cleaning out jar

Since a Scrigit Scraper is about the size of a pen and has a different style scraper at each end, the tool is ideal for reaching through narrow openings and other tight spaces to remove unwanted substances. Either the rounded tip or the flat-edged scraper can be used to clean out gunk from crevices, corners and grooves. The Scrigit Scraper is about the same hardness as a fingernail, so it will not scratch most household and automotive surfaces. You can also put a cloth or paper towel over one of the tips to help with the cleaning process and further protect the surface. The cloth or paper towel with help absorb and remove greasy or slimy substances.Reach tight spaces graphic

The slim size of the Scrigit Scraper not only helps with cleaning tight spaces but also saves time because you can keep the tool handy where you are likely to use it. Keeping the tool in convenient locations helps you save time by not having to search for something to handle what would otherwise be a quick cleaning task. Try a package of Scrigit Scrapers today!