Two Easy Ways to Clean an Oven

The Guide to an Immaculate Oven

Cleaning your oven isn’t always as simple as throwing it on that handy clean setting. While the clean setting does a pretty decent job of cleaning, the clean setting can lead to a house full of noxious smoke, buzzing smoke detectors, and even a fire—no one wants those problems. Instead you can achieve oven greatness with a fume-free store-bought oven cleaner or a few simple ingredients (most of which you probably have in your kitchen), some elbow grease, and 12 hours.

Here’s what you’ll need:Cleaning oven supplies

Baking soda
Rubber gloves
Damp dish cloth
Scrigit™ Scraper
Spray bottle
White vinegar


  1. Remove the racks. If there is anything else in there be sure to take it out, you’ll want your oven empty.
  2. Using a small bowl create a paste using a ½ cup baking soda and a few tablespoons of water. You will want this paste to be spreadable so adjust the amount of water as needed.
  3. Coat your oven with the baking soda paste (this is where your gloves will likely come in handy.) You will want this paste in all of the dirtiest nooks and crannies. …Your manicure will thank you for using those gloves! As you are lathering on the baking soda you will notice its brown color and it will likely be chunkier in some places than others. Pay extra attention to the particularly greasy spots.
  4. This is where the 12 hours comes into play. You’ll want to let the baking soda rest overnight, or for at least 12 hours.
  5. In the meantime you can tackle the oven racks. In the bathtub, lay down a large towel you don’t mind getting grimy, this will ensure your bathtub does not get scratched up. Cover the racks with hot water, add a ½ cup of powdered, or liquid dish detergent and swish around the water in the tub. You can let your racks soak anywhere from 4-12 hours, the choice is yours. After time is up, use a non-abrasive scrubber and a Scrigit Scraper to clean any remaining gunk.
  6. Now that the inside of your oven is prepped and ready, take a damp cloth and wipe out most of the baking soda paste. Your non-scratch Scrigit Scraper can definitely help remove stubborn spots and get into corners, edges and grooves.
  7. Once you are done with the wipe down, take a spray bottle of vinegar and lightly mist any places you still see baking soda. You will see the baking soda and vinegar gently foam. The gentle foaming will let you know where you still need to give a final wipe down. A little extra water and vinegar will leave the inside nice and shiny.

For those extra tough stains or if you want to spend less time cleaning your oven, opt for Easy-Off Fume-Free Oven Cleaner in the blue spray can instead of the above baking soda mixture. We love it because it’s nearly odorless (like baking soda), and it kicks some serious butt! Make sure you wear rubber gloves and follow the directions on the can.

Replace your oven racks and anything else you might keep in there, and obviously make something fabulous in your squeaky clean oven!


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