What is Your Worst Kitchen Cleaning Task?

I think many people will say the worst task is to clean the broiler pan. This is the pan with the slotted stainless steel top over an enamel drip tray that often comes with stoves. While broiling is considered a healthier form of cooking meats and produces great tasting results, the burnt on and partially burnt on mess left on the broiler pan is very hard to clean.Using Scrigit to clean broiler pan

The first step after enjoying your delicious meal is to soak the cooled pan in water mixed with liquid dish soap. As it soaks, use a Scrigit Scraper to scrape off the thicker parts so the water can reach what is stuck directly to the two parts of the broiler pan. After more soaking, use the two ends of the Scrigit to scrape off as much of the buildup as possible. Then use a Brillo or SOS pad to clean off the remaining thin layer and spots of burnt food. The Brillo and SOS pads are also safe to use on the enamel pan, though make sure there is enough of their soap coating on them and be more gentle than on the stainless steel portion.

Let us know what your worst kitchen cleaning task is.

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